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FAQ (read this)

I want to answer a few questions before you do anything.

1. Why is the blog so badly written?

Because english is my fourth language, and I wanted to write it in a language, which almost everyone can understand. I’m sorry for you, if you can’t understand it. I’m still learning the language. German is actually my first language^^”

2. Why do you hate xxxx?

I won’t answer these questions. Just because every time I said that I dislike for example DBSK, there is at least one who bashes me; example: 

Fake. I think it’s impossible to come fom loving a band, which means seing how hardworking they are and how lovely their personality is from hating dbsk. Major mistakes? Like being rude to anyone? Like having no talent at all? Even if you just came into kpop fandom you can’t even begin to compare them. I mean…Gee???? They barely sing 5 seconds each! O wether you are just a dong bang hater from the beginning or you are just an other delusional fan who though the boys would marry her and felt backstabbed when you saw them talk/interact/dance with girls.

Yes… Hm… I’m a K POP fan since a few years, and this crazy/delusional fan thinks I just came into KPOP fandom? *lol* I’ll tell you something: DBSK fans are mostly people who JUST GOT into KPOP. I say mostly, not all. They barely sing 5 seconds each? How stupid must someone be. Theyßre 5 people for gods sake!!! They’re not Super Jnior *lol* This person really thinks I AM delusional and jealous etc. I’m just not blind like many fans.

3. I want to help or give you informations for other K POP groups.

Even though I said no bashing: I beg of CONSTRUCTIVE critism. And if you want and say it in a nice way, please correct my english at some point >_< I want to learn from my mistakes^-^ If you want to give me informations, please do so. But I usually don’t want to do other K pop groups. You can give tell me which one you want infos from. But if I dislike this person/band in the first place or don’t want to write about them/her/him I won’t.

4.Why did you delete my comment?

I’ll delete every comment, which is insulting, spam etc. Don’t ask why, it’s obvious.

5. Can you upload this video?

It depends. I have a youtube account. I’ll upload videos there, if I want to and have time. But since I’m lazy, don’t count on me. ^^” If you ask normally like “Can you please…?” I’ll try to find some videos from you or upload it for you

6. I can speak/read korean. I want to translate xxx.

Yes there were cases like this who asked me. And if you really want to, all fans were more than happy to see it ^^ Honestly; we’ll love you for this. So please, if you can speak/read korean, help us fans out^-^



1. Nocturne Prince - August 15, 2009

Hahaha! That’s so much true about Cassies~~

I truly don’t like some of them, more if they insult H.O.T!


2. adyani - November 8, 2009

i want to tell you…
1 year ago, i really like DBSK with the song “Mirotic”…since that time,i always try to find their videos…anything…MV,movies, etc…
but after i watch EHB,i slowly not like them…not all…but a little…
for me, SUJU is more fun…
you know what,first time i watch their Triangle MV, i told to my younger sister, that Jaejoong n Xiah face n their hair style, more like Moon Hee Jun in Line Up MV…Changmin is more like Kang Ta at the Changmin’s audition….Micky more like Tony An…in SUJU, Siwon more like Kang Ta…you know what, first i watch 18 Vs. 29 drama, i thought that boy is Kang Ta…but after i know SUJU, i know that guy was Siwon. first i watch U from SUJU, i told to my younger sister, that in SUJU, they have many face like other artist…guy who face like Kang Ta (Siwon), Woo Hyuk (Eun Hyuk), and Lee Jung Ki (Ye Sung).
if you feel the same way,just tell me at ady_moon85@yahoo.com
did you watch Intimate Note???
Hee Jun at the show…(^0^)
my friend was gave me the Intimate Note show,i shock when i see Hee Jun at the show…it is because i long time not see him…it is because of my study, so i’m not to try find out about H.O.T.
well now 11.44pm at Malaysia now,so im gonna to sleep…bye…\(^o^)/

3. e4 crunchy - December 11, 2009

i didn’t like dbsk too..
actually their songs not so bad..
but i choose suju,shinee and 2PM than them..
because they more funny and cute..
i wonder why most of the k-pop fans is from malaysia..
but i like malaysia because i have been there…
ss501 will make a concert at malaysia in 2010!!!
i cant wait to see them..heo young saeng and kim hyun joong!!!

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