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Kim Jonghyun – RIP December 25, 2017

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I don’t have many words for this case… I liked and respected Jonghyun a LOT, so reading the news about his death made me cry a lot. I didn’t expect my heart to hurt as much as it does, since I do not even know him.

But except for JYJ and Shinhwa, he was one of my favorite korean artists…!

RIP Kim Jonghyun. And I hope his family, band members and friends stay strong during these hard times.

And I also hope other artists stay strong during their difficult times. When I think about what hard times some of my favorite artists have, I wonder how they can still keep going. But I always thought in the past “I’m glad they don’t give up”

But right now I’m sad about how Jonghyun felt like there’s nothing left to live anymore. It just makes my eyes tear up again.

Reading his suicide note, for some reason I can understand his feelings. Because his words hit me especially hard. I had and still have the same feelings of inferiority as him.

I hope I can soon listen to his sings without crying every time…….


DBSK or JYJ fans December 5, 2017

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I will never ever understand DBSK fans or anti-fans for that matter.

You guys are extremely horrible – I’m not sure I should say: You all deserved the break-up of DBSK.

But since I feel like DBSK and JYJ are also extremely hurt with the whole affair, I won’t say that.

But seriously: Look in the mirror and tell me: Do you like what you say and write in the internet about other fans? Or about JYJ or DBSK? Do you seriously think no one cares about what you write and that you’re not hurting anybody? Do you even care what you do to other people and JYJ respectively DBSK? And most important: When you insult/Bash/spread rumors about DBSK or JYJ, do you think the other band would applaud you and say: “Well done, we hate them too?”

If you can honestly say, you don’t care, then you have no feelings whatsoever.

I can’t ever understand what anyone in this fandom writes. They should just stop bitching about how much they think DBSK hates JYJ or JYJ hates DBSK and get over the situation. It’s been over 8 years already. 8 years, since I left the fandom. And it still manages to make me sick.

Wagakki Band – Budokan 2016 April 6, 2016

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After years I present you with a new post.

I’ve been especially hooked up with the japanese band “Wagakki Band” that mixes traditional musical instruments with modern instruments which gives their music an exotic vibe.

I just LOVE music which sounds modern, but still has a touch of the country in it. That’s actually what I’ve been missing in KPOP – their songs all sounds americanised.

So, my japanese co-worker went to Japan last week and bought me the DVD Live Concert of them at the Budokan Concert hall (which was during this year 2016) as a present (I love this woman >_<)

These guys are so damn talented and their perfomances improved a great deal since their “debut”. They’re completely in synch and even dance, jump and joke around the stage.

Machiya actually plucked Beni’s Shamisen during a perfomance and she laughed, but raised her knee up (did she want to hit him? 🙂 )

It’s always so fun watching their stages – they seem passionate and joke around DURING it.

Not only the singing (of Yuko and Machiya) and entertainment was great – the thing I especially liked about the concert were the performances only with the instruments.

The way Beni played the Shamisen alone, Daisuke’s and Kiyoshi’s perfomances Kurona with Wasabi, Asa, Machiya and Wasabi together – it was all so amazing! Unfortunately I don’t think these songs got out on CD, but it’d sound incredible in a CD version

Why is it so hard to find videos of them?? Especially subbed ones. I do know simple japanese sentences so I can catch the gist of interviews, but I’d like to know even more…

They have to get even more popular, they’d deserve it. I’ve heard they had concerts in New York, L.A. this year. Maybe one day, they’ll come to Europe!

For anyone interested: They make rock – music. I think I’ve said enough. Those who only listen to Pop-music should stay away

Super Junior October 12, 2011

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A post after YEARS???

I have no idea if someone still reads this blog after all XD Just wanted to express my opinion on Super Junior. I’ve read some articles about them lately. I don’t really care about DBSK in Korea. I guess they’re finished with being five members in Korea.

Let me say this beforehand: I’ve backed out of the KPOP fandom for a long time, so I was never up-to-date. So the Hankyung case was new for me. I never really cared about Kibum, I think I’ve said it in another post already. He never managed to impress me, not with his singing, acting, dancing or even with his personality. If you’re only good-looking, then I don’t care. There are enough people who are good-looking (and who makes my heart beat faster 😉 )

But I’ve always liked Hankyung. When I watched the performance of Suju with the song “Shining Star” and Heechul broke out in tears (as they said because of the Hankyung banner) I cried with him. I just felt so sorry for everyone. But in the end it was Hankyung’s decision. So there’s no reason for Hankyung to be too sad. He decided he wanted to leave, he knew what he did. I just heard that the Suju members didn’t know anything until they read the newspaper and I think that’s very unfair.

Though the video of Siwon going to China to visit Hankyung was heartbreaking ;_;

Super Junior really got to me and I never thought they would split like this… Hopefully Kangin, Heechul will come back safely from the military and Hankyung will do well in China.

Only thing I have to say is that even if I like Ryeowook, he isn’t doing really well in variety shows O_o I think it was a bad idea to let him do these shows so much.

I’m happy with Heechul as always!! I’ve always loved how straight-forwarded he is! God, how I missed this man on variety shows. Sometimes he reminds me a bit of myself. I changed a lot. When a friend asked me how I got so confident I only said: “If no one else praises me I’ll do it myself!” XDD But since Hankyung left, he’s being strange. Not his usual “craziness” but just not him. Whenever I look at him, I feel like crying, because he just doesn’t seem like himself anymore.

And Shindong is doing really well too. On a Mr.Simple performance (by the way I adore this song/album) he lost a lot of weight! Was really surprised.

Don’t have a lot to say about Kyuhyun, only that he continues to stay one of my favourite members/singers 🙂

And Yesung revealed some things I never knew… I have to say: I never thought I would be so on the edge of tears when he’s telling about his worries. I really really like his voice, but he didn’t impress me that much otherwise.

Eunhyuk: As always, the first member who caught my eyes and he’s still one of my favorites! Go Hyukjae! Is it just me or is he being “bullied” even more on variety shows than before? XD I feel sorry for him sometimes. He’s just too kind-hearted! I hope he doesn’t mind too much.

Members revealing things about Leeteuk I never knew about… Great thing! *lol*

If there are any comments, don’t post “allkpop” links. I hate this website and will always hate it.

Jang Woo Hyuk & Kangta back July 23, 2010

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Finally! ^o^ A very short post
Jang Woo Hyuk and Kangta have finished their military duties and Woo hyuk already had a comeback special.
Waiting eagerly for all H.O.T members return.
Now just Tony and Jaewon need to finish their military duties!

“comedians”, MCs January 6, 2010

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Sorry as always XD But damn: I got sick yet again *drooop* It won’t stop^^”
I’ll just post about various things now.

“Comedians”: It’s in quotation marks, because they are all singers after all: Kim Jong min, Shin Jung Hwan, Chun MyungHoon and Lee Sungjin at some points (I really like the songs of NRG XDD)
PS: By the way: Does anyone have Clon song’s? I can’t find any albums (I actually did find 3 albums but the links don’t work^^”)

I felt really bad, when Kim Hwan Sung died T_T RIP! You were so young… When I saw the other members crying I almost cried myself…
They all make shows enjoyable (or uncomfortable in Chun MyungHoon’s case XD)
Although they are all really talented (Jongmin can dance so well >_<) they don't show it, they just want to make things funny. I think we all know how smart and talented they are^^ Park Myung Soo… I don't think we even need to talk about him XD He's the most popular comedian in Korea (Jongmin is most popular international) Park Myung Soo may appear harsh and mean at times, but it's the same with him; we all know he's a nice sunbae to the others^^ Is it strange when I say that I really like his honest laughter? XD You can see, if the celebrities say unexpected things by looking at him XD HaHa (Ha DongHoon) is really funny too. I like how he is so thick-skinned XD His three sentences poem with Kang HoDong in New Xman 8 was so funny XD They attacked each other with food names XD

Mcs: We already talked a bit about Kang HoDong and Yoo Jae Suk. I remember how someone said she/he was an Anti-fan of them. They apparently went to a baseball game (?) and won't let someone near them (reserved all seats around them)
I really don't know if I should believe that O_o
Anyway, my point is that they seem to be nice to everyone (especially Yoo Jae Suk) and I really think Park Kyung Lim, is just like all MCs, friends with everyone XD I've seen her take pictures with almost every celebrity I know *lol* She's really great, I was happy when she got married^^

That was it from me… I need new ideas (when I actually should work on a fanfiction with a friend… Or work for school^^")

JPOP – Tenimyu November 20, 2009

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Yes, I know I should really post something about KPOP XD But I only listen to JPOP right now.
I’m totally addicted again when it comes to the Tenimyu actors.
For those who don’t know: Tenimyu is a musical from the anime “Prince of tennis”

The actors are really great. And I can only recommend you some. When it comes to singing, Kimeru is really one famous singer. His real name was still not published^^” But his voice is really great^^
Kato Kazuki



And now on to this hot japanese actor and singer: Kato Kazuki 🙂 I’m kind of addicted to this guy. I really recommend the song “Vampire”. Right now, I’m watching his movie “Happy Darts” though, I don’t think it’s my style XD



Nakagauchi Masataka has played “Niou” in Tenimyu and I recently watched a movie with him: 2Steps.
I really like to watch dance movies and I already noticed his awesome dancing skills O_o
Link to 2Steps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPzg8gvyRsI
It’s not subbed but it’s easy to understand^^ And I originally only watched it, because of the dancing (and the actor^^) The first part is really funny: Masa (Masataka Nakagauchi, Masa is his nickname) observes the ballet classes from the outside and dances to it. He begins to dance along with the other guy in the class and after he has finished, girls were screaming in joy, when they saw him. The embarrassed look was really good XD

Part 10 and 11 has some cool dance moves^^

Which japanese actors/singers etc. do YOU like?

F.T. Island October 17, 2009

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I know, I didn’t post for so long T_T Sorry guys!

F.T. Island is one of my favorite boybands. I got to know them, when Wonbin was still a part of the band. I didn’t follow up korean news for some time. In

other words: I didn’t even know he left, until I again downloaded the new album (at the end of 2008) and downloaded the new clips. But Seung Hyun is a really

great guitarist; thumbs up he convinced me.
I really love their live performances. I don’t quite like their CD versions^^” But it’s good, isn’t it? That only means, they’re so talented they can sing live as good as in their CD versions.
First song I heard was “Until you come” I’m still in love with this song XD

What I didn’t know was the case with Hongki. It was at the beginning of January (and I didn’t inform myself at this time)
I thought it would be common to be hoarse after such a long concert, so I was surprised to read about his sickness >_<

Only thing I don't like about them: Is their styles sometimes^^" I often don't like their hair colors or styles or clothes. For example this style:
FT Island

But it’s not too bad^^ I don’t like a style in every band (and let’s be honest: Bands change their styles very often^^”) So it would be hard to like every style. At least they’re… eye-catching XDD

Hongki is one of my favorite members… Just because he’s quite… unusual *lol* And since Seung Hyun appeared I really like him too >///__<

PS: They can somehow pass as a JPOP band XD I don't know why^^"

Fanfic recommendation (Age:18!!): Fanfic <- This is part 8, but all parts are in the index^-^
Because I really love angst^^" Don't like, don't read! It was really interesting for me to read.

2PM September 12, 2009

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Ok here’s the new post^^” Sorry for taking so long. Like I said: I got sick and had stress in school (it was worth, I made quite good grades~~)

Discuss about everything you want, I will edit this post as soon as I know more about them.
We’re discussing about Jaebum at the moment

Swiss national day & pics of festival “Badenfahrt” August 2, 2009

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Although it has nothing to do with KPOP:
Yesterday was the Swiss national day^-^ It was, like every year, a very beautiful sight. Thank you for the people who bought all the big fireworks to provide us with such sight:)

BUT a truly beautiful festival for us is “Badenfahrt” which is only every 10 YEARS (!) T_T
It has fireworks, market place, circus, roller coaster, games and singer and the most important point in the whole festival: international dances and interpretations!
I was actually asked by a teacher and friend if I want to dance salsa with them^^” But because I’m too shy to dance in front of thousands of people, I declined.
But the festival is really great and interesting! I remember a “Moulin Rouge” dance *lol* They are dancing along the street, which is cordoned off. The artistic talents are really nice to look at and I desperately hope to show pics of the next festival on this blog (If I still have this blog after 7 years XD)
Concept was “World instead of Baden” (the city I live)
All the people you see in these pics are just disguised:) Also the one with the nurse, so don’t be shocked *lol* Ah~ I miss this festival I want to go again XD
I’ll show you pics of the festival in 2007 in advance^^ Hope you enjoy~

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