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Wagakki Band – Budokan 2016 April 6, 2016

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After years I present you with a new post.

I’ve been especially hooked up with the japanese band “Wagakki Band” that mixes traditional musical instruments with modern instruments which gives their music an exotic vibe.

I just LOVE music which sounds modern, but still has a touch of the country in it. That’s actually what I’ve been missing in KPOP – their songs all sounds americanised.

So, my japanese co-worker went to Japan last week and bought me the DVD Live Concert of them at the Budokan Concert hall (which was during this year 2016) as a present (I love this woman >_<)

These guys are so damn talented and their perfomances improved a great deal since their “debut”. They’re completely in synch and even dance, jump and joke around the stage.

Machiya actually plucked Beni’s Shamisen during a perfomance and she laughed, but raised her knee up (did she want to hit him? 🙂 )

It’s always so fun watching their stages – they seem passionate and joke around DURING it.

Not only the singing (of Yuko and Machiya) and entertainment was great – the thing I especially liked about the concert were the performances only with the instruments.

The way Beni played the Shamisen alone, Daisuke’s and Kiyoshi’s perfomances Kurona with Wasabi, Asa, Machiya and Wasabi together – it was all so amazing! Unfortunately I don’t think these songs got out on CD, but it’d sound incredible in a CD version

Why is it so hard to find videos of them?? Especially subbed ones. I do know simple japanese sentences so I can catch the gist of interviews, but I’d like to know even more…

They have to get even more popular, they’d deserve it. I’ve heard they had concerts in New York, L.A. this year. Maybe one day, they’ll come to Europe!

For anyone interested: They make rock – music. I think I’ve said enough. Those who only listen to Pop-music should stay away