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Super Junior October 12, 2011

Posted by kanahagino in Uncategorized.

A post after YEARS???

I have no idea if someone still reads this blog after all XD Just wanted to express my opinion on Super Junior. I’ve read some articles about them lately. I don’t really care about DBSK in Korea. I guess they’re finished with being five members in Korea.

Let me say this beforehand: I’ve backed out of the KPOP fandom for a long time, so I was never up-to-date. So the Hankyung case was new for me. I never really cared about Kibum, I think I’ve said it in another post already. He never managed to impress me, not with his singing, acting, dancing or even with his personality. If you’re only good-looking, then I don’t care. There are enough people who are good-looking (and who makes my heart beat faster 😉 )

But I’ve always liked Hankyung. When I watched the performance of Suju with the song “Shining Star” and Heechul broke out in tears (as they said because of the Hankyung banner) I cried with him. I just felt so sorry for everyone. But in the end it was Hankyung’s decision. So there’s no reason for Hankyung to be too sad. He decided he wanted to leave, he knew what he did. I just heard that the Suju members didn’t know anything until they read the newspaper and I think that’s very unfair.

Though the video of Siwon going to China to visit Hankyung was heartbreaking ;_;

Super Junior really got to me and I never thought they would split like this… Hopefully Kangin, Heechul will come back safely from the military and Hankyung will do well in China.

Only thing I have to say is that even if I like Ryeowook, he isn’t doing really well in variety shows O_o I think it was a bad idea to let him do these shows so much.

I’m happy with Heechul as always!! I’ve always loved how straight-forwarded he is! God, how I missed this man on variety shows. Sometimes he reminds me a bit of myself. I changed a lot. When a friend asked me how I got so confident I only said: “If no one else praises me I’ll do it myself!” XDD But since Hankyung left, he’s being strange. Not his usual “craziness” but just not him. Whenever I look at him, I feel like crying, because he just doesn’t seem like himself anymore.

And Shindong is doing really well too. On a Mr.Simple performance (by the way I adore this song/album) he lost a lot of weight! Was really surprised.

Don’t have a lot to say about Kyuhyun, only that he continues to stay one of my favourite members/singers 🙂

And Yesung revealed some things I never knew… I have to say: I never thought I would be so on the edge of tears when he’s telling about his worries. I really really like his voice, but he didn’t impress me that much otherwise.

Eunhyuk: As always, the first member who caught my eyes and he’s still one of my favorites! Go Hyukjae! Is it just me or is he being “bullied” even more on variety shows than before? XD I feel sorry for him sometimes. He’s just too kind-hearted! I hope he doesn’t mind too much.

Members revealing things about Leeteuk I never knew about… Great thing! *lol*

If there are any comments, don’t post “allkpop” links. I hate this website and will always hate it.



1. bobpopbob - December 26, 2014

Hi there! Came across your blog recently and appreciate your honest opinions 🙂 Perhaps I may be feeling a little hurt cause I am a DBSK fan, but I feel that if you can express your opinions in a… less offensive manner, it would be less likely to draw criticism. I agree with where you are coming on certain flaws of DBSK (and yes I may be considered those with too much time in my hands too), however I must say that the views you hold may not be the entire story. I understand how many fans of H.O.T and Shinhwa may dislike DBSK fans a lot as DBSK may be seen as a “copycat”, but even Shinhwa themsevles were accused as an imitation of H.O.T. in the past (reference from one of the variety shows featuring Shinhwa, if I am not mistaken it is Beatles Code). In fact, many DBSK fans have the same opinion you hold of DBSK fans, except to newer Kpop groups relative to DBSK (eg. 2PM, Teen Top, etc.).

All the best in mastering the English language and keep blogging! Sorry if this post seems really random as it is a reply to your posts dating back to 2-3 years.

P.S. A fellow Shinhwa Chanjo too ;D

kanahagino - December 26, 2014

Oh god, my blog is very very old… I’m not even into KPOP anymore but I still wanted to reply.

I don’t exactly care about copy-cats. I know H.O.T has copied melodies of english songs.

For me, it’s about their horrible fans, who beat up, insult other fans. And DBSK never cared for what they did. Shinhwa and Super Junior (for example) did scold their fans every once in a while for what they do. But the DBSK fans are really horrible and criminal. Like I said once, this once singer, they accused for “looking like Jaejoong” and threatening to kill him. Why the hell did Jaejoong never say anything? I was angry at them back then. And what I noticed is, that not only I was angry at them for that, but a lot of people.
I know exactly that they can’t change what their fans do, but they could have made a statement, just to show what they think of it.

Anyway, it started with KPOP and from that on extended to the anime/manga fandoms: I don’t interact with any fans nowadays, especially in big fandoms.

Because people get overly sensitive if you put a comment in the internet. And then, because they’re anonym, they threaten you, insult and bash you.
I was just done with that; To not interact with those people was the best decision in my life. I don’t need to read or speak with extremist fans.

I appreciate your comment too:) I guess I was a bit harsh, but at that time I was so angry at these fans insulting me. They get too emotional. I mean, I get you like their music, you may believe you’re in love with them. But you should get realistic (and for these extreme fans, get a life)

That was never the case for me. I like the music of bands and singers but I never once thought that “I’m in love with them”. Never once in my life.

So, thanks for your comment, you don’t need to apologize at all! I’m always glad to meet some sane people.

bobpopbob - December 27, 2014

Ah, I see. I guess to be fair I know that DBSK has chided their fans too from what I know. And I am sure that no celebrity has scolded their fans for every single wrong-doing, not cause they don’t care, but more likely cause they do not know. Celebrities (not just DBSK) at times may really be unaware of these things for a variety of reasons.

I do share your sentiments about not wanting to interact with other fans. I am like that now too. Taking DBSK for example, there are now 3 different groups of fans: HoMin, DB5K and JYJ fans. The point I am trying to bring across is that ever since DBSK’s split, tensions always run high whenever there’s an article about them and extremist fans from these three groups will always clash. Ever since, I have chosen to just disregard all comments as it is a lot better for my health anyway XD

Yup, I like to see myself more as an admirer. Like I appreciate certain traits of DBSK and their music, though I have always understood that it is not “being in love”. Thank you for your perspective though. It is so hard to find logical and open-minded people on the Internet these days.

2. kanahagino - December 27, 2014

When DBSK split up, I already stopped reading any news articles with comments on it, so I didn’t know about all these fanwars; but I guess it was to be expected…

But DBSK surely read the newspaper – the most prominent case was with this singer “who looked like Jaejoong” as far as I remember. Being unaware is fine and all, but I can’t understand how they never heard of these things (I mean the fans are horrible to them too…)

“better for my health anyway” exactly my sentiments! Sometimes I wonder how old these people are… I just get depressed when interacting with these stupid extreme fans. Plus I’m emotional, so it hurts me too.

I do admire them too. Not for their dancing, I don’t think Yunho can dance as well as everyone seems to think. But I LOVED their singing.

Thank you to you too, it’s always refreshing to read comments from sane, open-minded people like you.

bobpopbob - December 27, 2014

Honestly, I am unaware about the “Jaejoong lookalike” incident. ^^” Perhaps it happened during the time when I decided to take a break from Kpop. From what I have read, some celebrities completely avoid reading news about themselves. I am not sure if that is the case with DBSK though…

Dancing wise, I believe there are a lot of Kpop groups that can dance either as good or even better. It is their singing, their acapella. ❤ Oh well, it's a thing of the past though. :\

kanahagino - December 27, 2014

Maybe it was during your break, yes, it was pretty known back then.

Yes, their acapella singing amazed me too!
I wasn’t sad about their split-up though. I expected it the whole time.

So, I will stop here with the discussion. I think we’re done now. Wish you a happy new year!!

3. bobpopbob - December 28, 2014

Alright then! Happy new year to you too ^^

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