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“comedians”, MCs January 6, 2010

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Sorry as always XD But damn: I got sick yet again *drooop* It won’t stop^^”
I’ll just post about various things now.

“Comedians”: It’s in quotation marks, because they are all singers after all: Kim Jong min, Shin Jung Hwan, Chun MyungHoon and Lee Sungjin at some points (I really like the songs of NRG XDD)
PS: By the way: Does anyone have Clon song’s? I can’t find any albums (I actually did find 3 albums but the links don’t work^^”)

I felt really bad, when Kim Hwan Sung died T_T RIP! You were so young… When I saw the other members crying I almost cried myself…
They all make shows enjoyable (or uncomfortable in Chun MyungHoon’s case XD)
Although they are all really talented (Jongmin can dance so well >_<) they don't show it, they just want to make things funny. I think we all know how smart and talented they are^^ Park Myung Soo… I don't think we even need to talk about him XD He's the most popular comedian in Korea (Jongmin is most popular international) Park Myung Soo may appear harsh and mean at times, but it's the same with him; we all know he's a nice sunbae to the others^^ Is it strange when I say that I really like his honest laughter? XD You can see, if the celebrities say unexpected things by looking at him XD HaHa (Ha DongHoon) is really funny too. I like how he is so thick-skinned XD His three sentences poem with Kang HoDong in New Xman 8 was so funny XD They attacked each other with food names XD

Mcs: We already talked a bit about Kang HoDong and Yoo Jae Suk. I remember how someone said she/he was an Anti-fan of them. They apparently went to a baseball game (?) and won't let someone near them (reserved all seats around them)
I really don't know if I should believe that O_o
Anyway, my point is that they seem to be nice to everyone (especially Yoo Jae Suk) and I really think Park Kyung Lim, is just like all MCs, friends with everyone XD I've seen her take pictures with almost every celebrity I know *lol* She's really great, I was happy when she got married^^

That was it from me… I need new ideas (when I actually should work on a fanfiction with a friend… Or work for school^^")