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DBSK #2 December 18, 2009

Posted by kanahagino in DBSK.

Omg, I can’t believe that I’m beginning to listen to DBSK’s music again… And watch their shows T_T
I promised myself to be faithful to myself and my opinion but I can’t resist XDD

I change my mind too fast… I need to find news about them now… ^^”
Will try to bring this blog up-to-date, since a few of you still are faithful to this blog (thanks XD)
And damn: The stupid thing is: I can’t change my feelings (not only about DBSK but in real life too) even though I really wish I could control it ;_;
I guess you’re right (was it shining_ice89??) when you said you can’t dislike someone, when you liked him once.



1. lyrico jae - December 18, 2009

yep..the more you hate or try to avoid, the more it comes to you

2. lynaeina - December 18, 2009

good luck! ^__^

3. shining_ice89 - December 22, 2009

hey dear, i’m back!! (just got my modem repaired)

i can’t help smiling when i saw your 1st line.. and yeah, cant resist smiling at all. and a pleasant surprise when i you remembered me =) can i be really annoying and say : told you~ hahaha.. i also said that you actually like dbsk more than some of those so-called-die-hard fans…

btw, fyi, dbsk will be performing together on this year’s NHK “Red and White” (forgive me for my direct translation). stay tuned on 31st Dec~

kanahagino - December 22, 2009

no problem^^
I like DBSK more than the so-called-die-hard fans? Hm… I don’t know… XD
Of course, I remembered you^^ I actually want to post something about Kibum…. Because all Suju fans are quite mad at him right now.

31st Dec. I will try to watch it^^
btw @lyrico jae’s comment is so true XDD

shining_ice89 - December 23, 2009

kibum? i thought it was kyuhyun…

yeah, lyrico jae’s right~ =)

4. kanahagino - December 23, 2009

Why should it be Kyuhyun? *confused*
It’s actually Kibum, because he doesn’t participate in their activities (Sorry Sorry for example)
He’s just concentrating in his own work, making Suju fans believe, that he’s selfish and maybe even wants to leave Suju (or already did and SM Ent. wants hide it, because fans say he already DID leave and SM just wants to make excuses as long as they can)
Fans said he should chose now: Suju or his own activities

@shining_ice: Oh man XDD Sorry but I need to post it right now: Did you watch MTV? They just talked about the celebrities with the most fanclub members….
“Dong Bang Shin Ki has about 800′000 fanclub members. But since nobody knows them here anyway we’ll stop right there” XDD

I’ve never seen anything about DBSK in a German/English TV programm^^”

shining_ice89 - December 23, 2009

because after hankyung filed his case, kyuhyun wrote on his minihompy these words: “even a beast wont bite the hand that feeds… i can not understand…” it was said to be kyuhyun expressing his anger against hankyung. after that it was donghae that wrote on eunhyuk’s minihompy, sth like “depressed… disappointed… no energy to go on.. what about you?”

altho i’m not an E.L.F or rather, SuJu fan, i don’t want them to break up. *sigh*

really?! hahaha… i think i should go and search for that MTV part on youtube.

English no, but I think Spanish and American TV programmes yes. Anyway, just tell cassies and they will make DBSK appear somehow XD

kanahagino - December 24, 2009

I didn’t know that @_@ Wow it would be soo sad for me, if they broke up >_<
Do you think it's on youtube? It aired yesterday (it was translated in German) on MTV.

Ah, yes I meant American XD I didn't see it, but they probably more known in the America (especially USA)
Haha Cassies will definitely do it. I talked to my sister about it and she thought people in America are more sane, because the mentality in Korea is very different. But I think they're the same when it comes to celebrities (Do you know Tokio Hotel from Germany? The girls are all crazy about them XD)

5. shining_ice89 - December 24, 2009

hi girl, merry christmas!

kanahagino - December 24, 2009

Ah, damn it, I wanted to post it to you first XDD
Merry Christmas~~^^

6. shining_ice89 - December 31, 2009

it’s Happy 2010 now~ haha..

i missed thsk on nhk. (it was Red and White Year-end song) watching drama and didn’t really have the patience to wait. cant find the timetable.. *pout*

kanahagino - December 31, 2009

Happy New Year to you too:)

And to all reader of the blog

Nyo, *pats your head* don’t be too disappointed, don’t worry be happy~~ ^^

PS: Do you know any japanese speaking people? I need help to translate a doujinshi XD I need to find translators (I already am translating a Doujinshi and need to translate another one XD) ^^” But the other one is a little too hard for me (a beginner) XD

7. shining_ice89 - January 2, 2010

hello~ mentioned about you in my “thank you” blog (http://barbaraxuanyige.blogspot.com/2010/01/blog-post.html)

sorry, me and my friends are not good enough to translate. guess you have to find other pros.

kanahagino - January 2, 2010

Oh, thank you *Blush* And yes my dear, I WILL use an online translating machine *gg* even though most of them are crap XD
Haha, you’re so cute *hugs you*
Ah~~ Is it resolved, because of the break-up rumors of DBSK? I really hope so~~ In the forum I am, in which most people dislike DBSK, actually said: “semi-talented etc. but I really hope everything goes well for DBSK, hope they will still be together” <- DBSK Fans, you even have Antis behind you^-^

Ok, thank you^^ will have to ask others XD One of the two doujinshis is way too hard for me XD Will need more time to translate it then^^

8. naninoona - February 23, 2010

lols. it’s true. you can never hate someone after you’ve liked someone so much. especially when you started off liking them and then hate them because of something like the fans. no ugly crazy fan will ever make you hate someone no matter how much you want to. ekeke^^

anyway, this won’t happen to me because i never liked them in the first place. well, not a fan of them at least. haha^^ but, after their court case was settled i started listening to their japanese songs and i kinda felt slightly convinced. not enough to be a fan, but just okay enough to respect them more than i usually do. i’ve even admitted that i admire them openly. haha. to think that i said, i would never admit that i like them in the past.

now it’s just a case of, “ugh, dbsk wins everything. it’s annoying” when in the old days i would yell and scream, “AAARRGGHH!! not dbsk again!” lol. things change. and although i still would hate to admit that i admire them and respect them, i can’t strongly deny it anymore. haha. tho, i always call them tohoshinki instead of dbsk. dunno. i just like the japanese version of dbsk more than their korean pride version. i hate the dbsk, “korean gods” that wins every award and have egotistical fans. i love tohoshinki the humble talented vocalists from korea.


hello dear!!! happy new years, christmas and valentines?

OMG! i’m sorry i lost touch with everyone here!!! i’ve been so busy with other things. my dad moved out of the country for a job and it’s only my mom and brothers here. so we had stuff to deal with and arrangements to make…..etc etc. lots of things.

also, i’m sorry that i never contacted you abt the graphics for your website. i really wanted to work on that. things came up and then i couldn’t do it and then i forgot to tell you that i couldn’t do it. ohh~~ so sorry~~

anyways, how’ve you been^^

kanahagino - February 23, 2010

Yes, I guess they CAN convince people with their voices (and because they’re respectfull in contrast to other groups)

Urgh yes I know, it annoys me too >_< DBSK fans, of course, always say: They deserved even more awards ^^"
It's like with Beyonce; hell, give other hardworking artists a chance too^^"""
A person asked me if I like them as Tohoshinki or as DBSK… It was hard… My answer was just that I like their songs as Tohoshinki more… But it's just that they're more relaxed in Korea (makes their shows more enjoyable that in Japan where they're way too quiet/almost say nothing at all)

Happy new year, christmas and Valentine too XDD
Oh but it's okay since it's for the job, ne?^^ It's after all for the family, I guess?:)
It's ok, I know how it is
It's fine because of the graphics too; I didn't do anything for the website anymore XD Embarrassing, but a lot (personal) happened to me too and I needed to learn for school (I made very good grades though:) )

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