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JPOP – Tenimyu November 20, 2009

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Yes, I know I should really post something about KPOP XD But I only listen to JPOP right now.
I’m totally addicted again when it comes to the Tenimyu actors.
For those who don’t know: Tenimyu is a musical from the anime “Prince of tennis”

The actors are really great. And I can only recommend you some. When it comes to singing, Kimeru is really one famous singer. His real name was still not published^^” But his voice is really great^^
Kato Kazuki



And now on to this hot japanese actor and singer: Kato Kazuki 🙂 I’m kind of addicted to this guy. I really recommend the song “Vampire”. Right now, I’m watching his movie “Happy Darts” though, I don’t think it’s my style XD



Nakagauchi Masataka has played “Niou” in Tenimyu and I recently watched a movie with him: 2Steps.
I really like to watch dance movies and I already noticed his awesome dancing skills O_o
Link to 2Steps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPzg8gvyRsI
It’s not subbed but it’s easy to understand^^ And I originally only watched it, because of the dancing (and the actor^^) The first part is really funny: Masa (Masataka Nakagauchi, Masa is his nickname) observes the ballet classes from the outside and dances to it. He begins to dance along with the other guy in the class and after he has finished, girls were screaming in joy, when they saw him. The embarrassed look was really good XD

Part 10 and 11 has some cool dance moves^^

Which japanese actors/singers etc. do YOU like?