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F.T. Island October 17, 2009

Posted by kanahagino in Uncategorized.

I know, I didn’t post for so long T_T Sorry guys!

F.T. Island is one of my favorite boybands. I got to know them, when Wonbin was still a part of the band. I didn’t follow up korean news for some time. In

other words: I didn’t even know he left, until I again downloaded the new album (at the end of 2008) and downloaded the new clips. But Seung Hyun is a really

great guitarist; thumbs up he convinced me.
I really love their live performances. I don’t quite like their CD versions^^” But it’s good, isn’t it? That only means, they’re so talented they can sing live as good as in their CD versions.
First song I heard was “Until you come” I’m still in love with this song XD

What I didn’t know was the case with Hongki. It was at the beginning of January (and I didn’t inform myself at this time)
I thought it would be common to be hoarse after such a long concert, so I was surprised to read about his sickness >_<

Only thing I don't like about them: Is their styles sometimes^^" I often don't like their hair colors or styles or clothes. For example this style:
FT Island

But it’s not too bad^^ I don’t like a style in every band (and let’s be honest: Bands change their styles very often^^”) So it would be hard to like every style. At least they’re… eye-catching XDD

Hongki is one of my favorite members… Just because he’s quite… unusual *lol* And since Seung Hyun appeared I really like him too >///__<

PS: They can somehow pass as a JPOP band XD I don't know why^^"

Fanfic recommendation (Age:18!!): Fanfic <- This is part 8, but all parts are in the index^-^
Because I really love angst^^" Don't like, don't read! It was really interesting for me to read.



1. naninoona - October 17, 2009

haha^^ i still dunno much abt them, but they are a really cool band. you’re right abt the jrock thing. in fact, when i first heard their song, i actually thought they were a jrock band. the only thing that gave them away was cuz they were singing in korean. they actually are really really talented. i would compare them to TRAX but i dunno much abt TRAX aside from the fact that they both play their own instruments and they’re genre is mostly rock. it’s so amazing to see such young ppl being able to play guitars or drums and such the way they do. they’re very underrated i think. have you heard their new japanese single? hongki sounds amazing. he always sounds amazing. i would put his vocals all up in the top ten best vocalists list. hope you update this post now and again. i really like em.

2. kanahagino - October 17, 2009

Yup, will update it, when I have time (vacation is ending now T_T)

Nope, still didn’t heard it. I only downloaded their albums, not the single. Will download it next time^^
They’re really cool, Hongki has got awesome vocals. His husky voice is unique. But my opinion: I still didn’t hear him singing songs which are… more difficult. I guess you can say it like that.
I can’t say much about his voice range, the way he controls his voice (singing long notes, high notes)
I know very few singers who can actually hit high notes or really long notes.
I’m a very critical person XD

naninoona - November 5, 2009

haha^^ for me, hongki’s range is pretty wide. and he’s charismatic on stage. he always sings live and sounds exactly the same as he does in the cd. it’s really really amazing.

speaking of vocals, can someone explain to me WHY exactly does everyone think xiah junsu has THE BEST vocals in all of kpop idols? i TOTALLY DISAGREE. to have ryeowook be third after jaejoong and xiah, i just don’t get it. and it’s not because of my bias for suju either. to me, i think ryeowook’s range and vocal control is much more powerful than both xiah and jaejoong. also include yesung and kyuhyun for that matter. to me, i think K.R.Y is 1000 leagues better than those two. i would even say shim changmin is better than his dbsk hyungs. changmin can hit high AND long notes. same goes for ryeowook, too! so i don’t understand why whenever there’s a poll asking who has the greatest vocals in kpop, they always say xiah and jaejoong. i just don’t hear it! i always get irritated when ppl say it, too. i mean, yeah, xiah has a unique voice but i’d hardly say it’s pleasant to the ears. plus jaejoong? what’s so great abt his singing? it’s better than most average, i can agree. but i’d hardly say he’s outstanding so much as to outrank K.R.Y.

can someone explain it to me pls?

kanahagino - November 5, 2009

I think Jaejoong has a pretty good voice range. Did you hear the song “Tonight”? I think Jaejoong was pretty awesome and I’m still surprised how he always manages to sing his parts in there XD Jaejoong would actually still make it in my top 10 list for the best singers.
Junsu: I have no idea. When I said in youtube that Jaejoong is a pretty good singer and listed some others too, someone asked me: “AND JUNSU???” I replied to him/her: “Junsu wouldn’t even make it in my list XD” I’m mean, but I honestly don’t think Junsu is good enough to make it in the top 10 singer in Korea.
KRY: I love them^^ Voice range is great, but Yesung can’t really hit high notes (still great voice though)
Changmin can sing high and can hit long noted too, I was really surprised^^

Miss you too and I’m really sorry, I’m too busy at the moment^^” The tests are decreasing, a friend asked me if I could write a story with her (with Lemon, her first lemon) and I need to correct two stories for her^^” I have to do a lot of things until december.

Olivia - February 22, 2010

I don’t really know how to said it, but xiah have a strong raw vocal and jaejoong strong at his vocal controlling (I translate it literally from my language) I think that’s make him a little bit better than jaejoong, and Changmin, yes he does can hit high note, but he make to many mistake when singing live. Whatever the reasons, isn’t it should be one of SG Wannabe to be at the top, I mean if its vocal that they competing, SG Wannabe are 10x better than K.R.Y.

naninoona - February 23, 2010

@Olivia: of course SG Wannabe is better. no doubt. but my question was, why everyone in kpop will always say junsu and jaejoong are the TOP 2 vocalists, when KRY are better than them and, like you said, SG Wannabe are also better than them? it seems that whenever there is a poll or a vote in articles, ppl will always say no.1 and no.2 is xiah and jj. or even when you say in comments that xiah and jj are not the best, ppl will bash you like crazy. srsly, xiah and jj are NOT the best of the best vocalists in kpop. there are many others.

and KRY is actually, to me, at same level of SG Wannabe. just that KRY don’t really have much chance to show it off because Suju is a big group.

3. shining_ice89 - October 18, 2009

Finally you are back!!! XD miss your posts so much.. I am quite happy to see the title.. Just started to like them.. Agree on the style thing. That’s why it took me some time to like Jaejoong (with his white hair). Initially I don’t bother to listen to F.T.Island because of Hongki’s orange hair.. But after listening to “Lovesick”, I started to watch their programmes.. Sometimes will tend to think “why has Kangin grow so thin all of a sudden?” (they are really alike, no?) Hongki being dressed up as a girl in star king really make me envy him.. his legs!!!

naninoona: yup, hongki’s vocal’s can be included in top 10. he’s still sooo young.. same age as you two, right? =)

naninoona - November 5, 2009

hongki is a year older than me. i’m born in 1991. hongki is 1990. but that makes him 20 in korean age, right?

hmm… to me, the style of a band doesn’t affect whether i like them or not. to think i became a fan of Big Bang when GD had that half-shaved hair. so you can imagine that style most definitely doesn’t affect me. and i actually liked hongki’s orange hair.

but yeah, sometimes, there is JUST one out of many styles that you can’t help but to hate. like SHINee Onew and Minho’s new hairstyles. Onew’s hair is kind of okay when he styles it down, or parts it to the side. but when it’s like that broom hair he had in Ring Ding Dong……..ugh. so ugly. and Minho on the other hand, his long curly hair just reminds me of a sleazy old man. Minho suits the shorter hair much better i think. hehe^^

anyway…… i miss you guys. where are all the ppl??

4. mishmash - November 20, 2009

I love FTI, its just shame they seem to get so much flak…-__-

Glad to see you’re back!

So much going on in the kpop world that I’m feeling literally burnt out. Bad news after bad news after bad news. I feel like I need to step away and just be oblivious to things for a while.

So drama.

P/s i’m loving HongKi’s character in ‘you’re beautiful’, i love love love the soundtrack as well. they’ve been calling it the new ‘boys over flowers’. personally, i think it trumps BOF any day! But that’s just me. ^_^

kanahagino - November 20, 2009

Hm… Is it really that bad? I didn’t really inform myself for KPOP news lately. I’m more into JPOP right now XD
I’ve never seen BOF and I don’t really intend to do. Looks like a bad soap opera for me -.- Sorry XD

naninoona - November 21, 2009

BOF is an overrated show. it sucks. lol. You’re beautiful is way better with a very good and entertaining script and a talented cast but it still is kind of a stupid show. the lead actress is supposed to be covering up for his twin brother yet, she still acts like a girl and sings in a girl’s voice and no one ever notices this. i mean….. it’s stupid? and not believable. i’d think eunhye woulda done a better job at pretending to be a guy. but i have no problems with park shinhye either. just that she’s not doing a very good job of pretending to be a guy and it gets me very very very irritated. lol.

i don’t have a problem with the storyline itself… the story is very well written but when i watch a drama, i tend to pay attention to the little important details and it really bugs me that park shinhye is supposed to pretend to be a guy, yet aside from the fact that she dresses like a guy, she doesn’t do anything else to show it. just look at horikita maki in hanakimi and you’ll understand what i’m saying. horikita maki walks and even deepens her voice to show that she’s pretending to be a boy…… but park shinhye??? ugh!!! nothing at all!!

i’d still recommend the show though. i enjoy it very much because the script itself isn’t stupid and it’s very funny and has a very relatable plot. i love you’re beautiful. hongki is my favorite character in the show!!! he’s a great actor!! the way he interacts with jolie the dog is very funny. and his character is very much similar to ikuta toma’s character in hanakimi as well. you should try and watch it. i wouldn’t say you’re beautiful is better than hanakimi, cuz i think that hanakimi is much much much better…… but you’re beautiful is quite good and enjoyable.

Olivia - February 22, 2010

@naninoona. Yes BOF is overrated. but to say that park shinhye not doing a very good job, I couldn’t much agree with it. In you’re beautiful, she plays as a completely naive young nun, so we can’t expecting that nun to perfectly know how to pretend or covering up for her brother. There just one things that kinda stupid, Mi Nam don’t look like a guy, don’t act like a guy, don’t speak like a guy, even don’t sings like a guy, to not notice her except for some, they made all the guys in that story asexual.

Hongki, watching him acting, all the laugh and tears, he stole my heart. He still a raw talent in acting, but he sure can go far in acting not like some idol that think they can kicking ball by acting or vise verse, (if you can’t understand, just left it be, I can’t be quite sarcastic at time).

Horikita Maki is my favourite, since I watch her in Nobuta wa Produce I keep up with her acting, and she grows to be a very very good actress with her own style in acting, and I grows to know that Japan are full with great actor and actresses.

FTI, I don’t really know about them, I mean in term of rumor or what so ever, but when its come to their music, song and Hongki voice, I’m a big fan. Hongki, when he’s sing he always sings his heart out. When first I know them by ‘cling’, “I’m impress”, and they are so young, and still young

kanahagino - February 23, 2010

@Olivia: Dear, to say this singer and that singer is better is kind of biased. We all have our opinions. Like @naninoona thinks that Junsu and Jaejoong are overrated. It’s not that I don’t like Xiah Junsu, but I really don’t think he’s THAT good of a singer everyone treats him as. It’s just that DBSK is a band almost everyone knows (at least in Asia) and they don’t know any other singers. Ignorance derogates. If (I don’t know you so only if this is the case) you don’t know much about KPOP be prepared to get critism.
And why do you think these two (Jaejoong + Changmin) make many mistakes when singing live? I never saw a mistake from Changmin O_o And Junsu already cracked a few times too, just like Jaejoong. Every singer makes mistakes even or especially when they are good singers. I don’t know why, but it’s always the good singers who makes the most mistakes XD
and because I’m lazy to post in the other topic: Yes the thing with Yoo Jae Suk surprised me too O_o When someone said s/he doesn’t think the MCs have Antifans, I found a site who bashed him… And Kang Ho Dong…^^”

btw: where are you from? Just curious XD

@naninoona: I still like Jaejoong’s voice XD Every guy who can go that high in voice gets my respect. XDD

naninoona - February 23, 2010

ah~! never said i didn’t like JJ’s voice. just never thought he was at the top of the list. but then it’s all abt personal preferences. and when i said that, i never really listened to their music a lot so i didn’t really know his full extent. now that i’ve heard more of their japanese songs (and that song you recommended. was it ‘tonight’? i don’t remember. JJ sang beautifully in that one.) i can definitely see how you would find his voice amazing. i still prefer changmin’s voice than JJ. but i don’t hate his voice. lol.

the good ones are the ones who makes mistakes. true. very true. because they have more talent to showcase, more things can go wrong. or in junsu’s case, it’s not the talent but ppls expectations of him are a lot. labelling him the best vocalist, so there are more things to screw up. more pressure.

either way, it’s all up to preferences. we know when someone is good at singing. but we can never really know who is better than who because that is subjective.

Olivia - February 23, 2010

I’m a person that always look up for talents, if I think that person don’t have talent or not doing good enough, they should go back to some corner and practice more, I’m biased I know, I love DBSK, If they not talented I won’t even mention anything about them. Well like naninoona said, we all have our own preferences.

Oh,really, you never heard Changmin make mistake, there quite of times I saw it, most of it in Japan shows. I watch a lot of DBSK performance, yes’ they’re not as godly as what some people think, they all make mistake, each one of them have their own weakness, but as a group they cover each other lacking.

Kang Ho Dong, he’s cute, nice and funny, I love HaHa^^

I’m from Malaysia

kanahagino - March 5, 2010

Hey, sorry Olivia for the late reply^^”
Haha, I think everyone here is from Malaysia XDD Cool! 🙂

Yup everyone has their preferences (damn, this is FTIsland so how did this topic get to DBSK again? *lol* Just like in the other topics)

I’m a lot in a forum, who has a lot of DBSK Antis, and I really love them XD They do say dbsk are a bunch of talentless people whose songs are crap, but they don’t hate them because of this, hehe XD Didn’t see Changmin make a mistake, but thanks for telling me. If you have an example…? Could you send me the link, please? I’m curious *lol* Yes I like to watch the mistakes of singers XD
And yes, I admit it….. I really dislike Junsu XD And it’s because…. of his fans *lol* His own fans dislike the other members… how pathetic is that? XD Junsu’s fans always say that he can dance so much better than Yunho, sing so much better than Jaejoong and bash the others… I can’t help but laugh at these fans who bashes the fans of the band he’s in XDD

Haha is great XD I so loved him in Xman where he played the thick-skinned character *Imisshim!!”

@naninoona: Yes it was “Tonight”^^ Yes, it’s probably really the pressure, I guess… Changmin is a good singer^^ Even though I don’t like his personality (? If you can call it that. Means if he was really himself of if he’s the person the other members describe him as)

Olivia - March 7, 2010

Really? Malaysian..everyone? *lol*

I’m not really sure from which shows but definitely from youtube, my friend like to download their perf and I just watched it and if I’m not mistaking they’re sing purple line *it quite old I know* that time, and a few more others, I even swear when I heard him *poor Changmin*.

About their fan, they are totally over obsess, why can’t they just admit that DBSK does do plastic surgery, WTH with excuses like as you grow older your nose bone also grow and your eyes got bigger, and as you lose weight the double eyelid that not shown before, you can see it after that. Why can they just admit it, the whole world already know double eyelid surgery is very common in Korea, why denied?

I kinda like Changmin, he might be mean sometimes, but he’s not faking it *that’s what I think* compare to some of them, trying being too nice all the time, faker *that’s all I can say*. it’s annoying.

I want to ask something, do I’m still a fan of DBSK? I love their songs, their singing, and acknowledge their talent, but I also state clearly what I saw or heard of them, if they’re suck they just suck. My friend said I can’t be a fan cause I saw too many flaws, I’m much more to an antis. Do you agree?

*I miss X-man a lot, huhu*

naninoona - March 7, 2010

yup. really. everyone except kanahagino herself is malaysian. ekeke^^

and i’m glad you agree that their fans are over obsessed with them. and to answer your question, yes, i think you are still a fan of DBSK. just cuz you see their flaws doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate them. that just means you can accept the reality. see them for who they really are. their fans who only want to see the good things and the good side of them are crazy. and that is why most ppl hate cassieopeia. because they think that DBSK is so perfect that they have no flaws. it’s impossible right? everyone has flaws. humans are not perfect. only god is perfect.

changmin is my favorite. and actually, i like that he’s mean. well i think ppl misunderstand him and call him mean when actually, i think he’s just too honest. he’s frank and not fake and i like that. while the others always smile and be all nice. not to say that the others are fake but sometimes it just doesn’t feel truthful. changmin is my fav. his voice, his personality. i like him.


Olivia - March 8, 2010

@ naninoona

you’re malaysian, so it should be kak nani…*just kiddng*

kanahagino - April 18, 2010

Urgh I’m really stupid not answering all these things >_< *cries* sorry, a lot of stuff is happening right now, so I didn't have time.
And we have a new english teacher, who hates me XDD

@Olivia: Of course you're a fan!! Don't let others tell you otherwise! People told me I'm an Antifan of DBSK just because I critised them -.-
@naninoona is totally right with the "accept reality" and I'm glad for that^^

PS: I just LOVE Changmin's laughter XD I don't think anyone except maybe Junsu hides their true personality. Yunho IS nice, but also teases others. Jaejoong… is himself, meaning strange. Yoochun is himself too, I guess. It's still Junsu who tries to act all innocent like the others said.

5. naninoona - February 23, 2010

@olivia: yes, it’s true. but you see, nuns are not naive. they are smart and intelligent women. independent and strong because they are supposed to guide the lost. they cannot be weak and meek and naive. i guess that was the show’s biggest flaw. maybe the hong sisters didn’t know how a nun really is in real life.

but srsly, when you see yoo haeyi (UEE) treat minam, it srsly shows how bad the character minam is portrayed by the script writers. in real life, no way would a nun ever let someone treat her as if she were inferior. actually, even real women would never allow someone else to treat her that way. if i were minam i would have slapped UEE’s face a dozen times before she pushed me or treats me like a toy.

but yes, park shinhye is a good actress. but there are others who are better than her.

Olivia - February 23, 2010

Yes, they seriously made minan looks like a real fool from the starts, that’s why I won’t blame park shinhye for not doing a good job there, because in the story itself there are already too many flaw. Nun that don’t have no self pride, unintelligent, you sure don’t want to listen to someone like that.

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