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F.T. Island October 17, 2009

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I know, I didn’t post for so long T_T Sorry guys!

F.T. Island is one of my favorite boybands. I got to know them, when Wonbin was still a part of the band. I didn’t follow up korean news for some time. In

other words: I didn’t even know he left, until I again downloaded the new album (at the end of 2008) and downloaded the new clips. But Seung Hyun is a really

great guitarist; thumbs up he convinced me.
I really love their live performances. I don’t quite like their CD versions^^” But it’s good, isn’t it? That only means, they’re so talented they can sing live as good as in their CD versions.
First song I heard was “Until you come” I’m still in love with this song XD

What I didn’t know was the case with Hongki. It was at the beginning of January (and I didn’t inform myself at this time)
I thought it would be common to be hoarse after such a long concert, so I was surprised to read about his sickness >_<

Only thing I don't like about them: Is their styles sometimes^^" I often don't like their hair colors or styles or clothes. For example this style:
FT Island

But it’s not too bad^^ I don’t like a style in every band (and let’s be honest: Bands change their styles very often^^”) So it would be hard to like every style. At least they’re… eye-catching XDD

Hongki is one of my favorite members… Just because he’s quite… unusual *lol* And since Seung Hyun appeared I really like him too >///__<

PS: They can somehow pass as a JPOP band XD I don't know why^^"

Fanfic recommendation (Age:18!!): Fanfic <- This is part 8, but all parts are in the index^-^
Because I really love angst^^" Don't like, don't read! It was really interesting for me to read.