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2PM September 12, 2009

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Ok here’s the new post^^” Sorry for taking so long. Like I said: I got sick and had stress in school (it was worth, I made quite good grades~~)

Discuss about everything you want, I will edit this post as soon as I know more about them.
We’re discussing about Jaebum at the moment



1. naninoona - September 12, 2009

actually kanahagino, what i meant by investigate is, that whatever info they’re given, they need to double check if it’s true or not. that is the definition of a reporter. it doesn’t matter what the info given was. whether it is the past or the present. and if there are more info that can be obtained that clashes with the initial report, they need to update it. that’s what i meant. and they are lazy. they really are. imagine you’re the reporter. then you receive info abt jay saying these things. as a reporter, wouldn’t the first thing you should be doing is checking the info to see if it’s true or not? especially when the issue is something serious like this? but this reporter, it seems, trusted the anti blindly and simply wrote up the article. not only that, the info given by the anti was wrongly translated as well. making the things jay said worse than it actually was. and like i said, the comments he wrote weren’t all bad. in fact, there were more good things that jay said abt korea than the bad ones. but why weren’t the good comments included in the article as well? it shows that the reporter didn’t even bother to check and see if these comments existed. this is what i meant by being lazy.

also, yes, they can be sensitive abt a national issue. everyone is sensitive when it comes to their own country. but they need to understand that he was saying things of how he felt. not that he actually meant any harm towards it. he wrote those things when he was 17 yrs old. what if you were in his place? having to go abroad away from familiar faces to a place where no one knows you, and you barely knew how to even speak the language. if i were to go to your country, and i couldn’t cope with the situation, i’d say those things too. especially if ppl weren’t accepting who you are.

i, for one, certainly wouldn’t care if someone said that abt my country, especially after knowing the context in which he wrote it in. it all depends in the situation. and if it’s jay’s situation then i wouldn’t care. i would understand it. but these ppl DON’T understand it. they refuse to understand it, in fact. and that’s exactly where the problem lies. also, shouldn’t the fact that jay has changed be enough to convince these ppl that he no longer has those feelings towards korea? what did he apologize for? what happened to ‘let bygones be bygones’ then? sure, i’m glad he apologized anyway. but even then, these ppl still condemned him to the deepest pits of hell. just how far can they take it? suicide petitions? what’s gotten into them?

@nocturne_prince: no. he wasn’t wrong 4 years ago and neither is he wrong now. he was never wrong to begin with. i understand your opinion. i respect it. but i stand by myself to say that what he did in the past wasn’t wrong. his privacy was invaded. he was the victim. it caused him to lose his job, his dreams and completely washed away all his hardwork over the years. he is not wrong.

p/s: sorry if i may sound a bit stubborn and difficult here, but i get highly defensive abt something i hold strong feelings for. (i was in my school’s debate team. so you get the picture, right? hehe^^) don’t get me wrong though. i’m more than willing to accept other ppls opinions as well. it’s just that if i’m right, i’m right. if i’m wrong, then tell me. as long as there are things to back up my opinions, i’ll stick to it. we’re all mature ppl here, right? we can have a healthy discussion, can’t we?

2. Nocturne Prince - September 12, 2009

Hehehe~~ It’s kinda hard if you said “if i’m right, i’m right. if i’m wrong, then tell me” cause it’ll be like you are right and I’m wrong, moreover if you want a discussion. Well, I have told you the major points about what he has done. Those are the strong base of my opinion. ^^

You know what? Don’t give a damn with the media. You know media only love to make news. Rather than thinking about the media, netizen whose has so high nationalism or the antis, let’s just show our support to JaeBum and 2PM. I know you are angry about those people and I understand it very well but don’t let them make you tired because of anger with this.

Don’t give a damn with such petition. Seriously… How many people will sign such a petition compared to how many JaeBum is supported~ Beside JaeBum is really safe now~ : )

naninoona - September 12, 2009

no. lol^^ don’t misunderstand. what i meant is, if i’m right and i have things that reassure me that i’m right, then i would stick with it. if you think i’m wrong or have a clashing opinion then tell me, so i can have the opportunity to rethink my opinions and take your point of view into account as basis for my own opinions. if my principles align with your opinion then i would agree to it. if they don’t, then they don’t. but that doesn’t make you wrong neither does it make me right. you get what i’m saying? i mean, that’s what opinions are, and that’s why we have discussions anyway, right? i believe there’s no wrong or right when such a subjective issue is brought up. especially ones such as this. ahh~~ i dunno what i’m saying now. i’m glad you understand where i’m coming from though. thank you.

and you’re right. he’s safe now in the arms of his family. i think he really needs this time to clear up his mind and conscience and when he feels ready, HOTTEST will welcome him with open arms.

now all i’m worried about is the rest of 2PM. what’s gonna happen to them, you think? i’m really worried for them.

Nocturne Prince - September 13, 2009

Hehehe don’t worry~

I think they will do their activity like usual until JaeBum (or maybe not-I don’t see Nick Khun at Star King) comes back. They must be keeping in touch always though JaeBum is far. So don’t worry too much~ They’ll be alright~ : )

3. Nocturne Prince - September 12, 2009

Anyway, kanahagino, hope you get well soon~!! (^^,)

4. kanahagino - September 12, 2009

@naninoona: Wow, I hope I understood everything well you said (You used words in english I never heard or read, so I need to use the translator XD Hope I didn’t misunderstand it)

Reporter nowadays don´t care about double checking infos^^” Sadly.
Are you sure the reporter didn’t check it for real, but just wanted to make the article more interesting? A lot of reporters do that. And they want to make everything seem bad about an artist. Maybe the reporter didn’t like Jaebum and wanted to write only bad things about him? XD
If he was 17 I can understand it even more. I wouldn’t write something like that though (I’m now 18) but only because I don’t trust people or even friends that much^^”
But if it was before debut it’s even more unbelievable to write an article about something that long ago.
I personally think it’s wrong for you that he apologized, because you, like you said, wouldn’t care if someone insulted your country. Me too, but I’m always trying to see things in both aspects. People felt insulted too by this comment so they began bashing him, because they’re proud.
But I don’t know what nice things he said, simply because I don’t know enough about this matter. I only know about this, because you people explained it to me ( thanks again;) )
But bashing him is not right, yes. There were so many celebrities who commited suicide, contemplated suicide or attempted it, especially in Korea (I heard it was news in the USA, because Korean celebrities commited suicide the most)
So I’ll never bash a celebrity, if I know they understand this language too. I always say things in a calm matter (at least I hope it appears like that) and I just hope that people would consider doing that too. It’s not like celebrities never go in the internet or don’t know what people are saying about them. They may be busy, but they’re not blind.

Nocturne Prince: Thanks^^ I already got better, the reason why I’m posting again:)

naninoona - September 12, 2009

(oh? sorry abt that. i’ll try to make it easier for you to understand from now on.)

well, now that you bring it up, i’m not sure whether he overlooked the good comments on purpose or not. i mean, you’re right abt reporters not bothering to check the info nowadays. so now, i dunno whether the reporter just wanted to bash jay or he was just too lazy to check. either way, it was still unfair to jay. what did he ever do to anyone, really? they’re just jealous of his success and that’s a painful thing for a fan to witness.

yeah, you’re right abt the apologizing thing. i mean, of course i understand that nobody’s always gonna have the same opinion as i do. i really do try to keep an open mind. that’s why i said, eventhough i think he shouldn’t have apologized, at the same time i do feel glad that he did. just to let ppl know that he no longer felt that way. but unfortunately, the ppl still didn’t accept his apology, you see? and that’s why so many ppl are upset.

some of the nice things he said was, when his friends wanted him to come back to US, he said that he wanted to saty in korea for one more year. and there were statements from his friends saying that, when jay got his korean residence card he was so happy and proud. and things like that.

that’s why i don’t understand why they would react to such a point. i get that they’re very proud of their country. i understand. but he wrote it 4 years ago when he was feeling down and pressured. add to that the fact that he was a teenager. he was only saying what he felt. can’t the people understand at least this? these feelings are normal for a human being. and how could he have possibly known that in the future, all the things he wrote would be the reason his career is damaged.

*sigh* anyway, it’s done. all we can do now is wait for the outcome.

5. kanahagino - September 12, 2009

NEWS: Dongwans diary:

Watching the last performance of 2PM’s Jaebeom on Music Core,

All the reporters should all remember clearly what they have done…

No matter who it is, the act of digging out the bad things about a person until things are irreparable

It’ll be good if they can exercise some self-restraint.

What the hell…

What kind of punishment are they going to receive….-_-;

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

6. csaephanh - September 12, 2009

Sorry it was me that turned the DBSK post into the 2PM thing. I just really needed to talk to other people about the issue. I’m not exactly a DIE HARD fan of 2PM, like I don’t really think that they’re Gods of anything, but I am a very big fan of 2PM. So if they’re in a situation like this I can’t help but talk about it where it shouldn’t be talked about. Sorry about that again.

Everyone that wrote in the DBSK post was right about what they said about Jay. Saying something like what he said in his myspace comments was a mistake. Yes he did not hide and wait for it to pass. Instead he was a man and he stepped up, admitted it, and apologized. I don’t understand why people had to continually bash him. It was a mistake, and just because he was famous, people put it under a microscope and made the small comment into a worldwide problem. Sure it’s the “country’s pride” but come on! There are probably other non-celebs there in korea right now saying something similar to what Jay said! Gosh, it just bugs me so much!

It’s makes me happy that there are people out there besides I AM HOTTESTs that support Jay. Thank you guys. ^^ Jay needs support. Even though he is in Seattle at this moment, I believe that Jay will come back. Maybe not now, but he will come back a stronger and better person than he was later. I’ll miss the laughs he would give me with the other 2PM members like in Wild Bunny. He was so happy, I hope to see him on stage and smiling again.

About the SNSD thing, what Jay did should not be compared to what they’ve done. SNSD makes mistakes, but every once in a while they will repeat the same mistake. Jay’s was a one time mistake. He had stated another comment via myspace to his friend that he would want to live in korea for 1 or 2 years, not as a trainee but as a korean. But just like the heartless haters they were, they hid the good comments and showed just the bad. I’m not really bashing SNSD but once they’ve made a mistake, they should learn from them and try not to do them again. Taeyeon had even cussed on the radio and Kangin was put to blame. How did that even happen? A lot of the SNSD fans, maybe beacause they’re fanboys, bash SuJu because maybe they’re jealouse they’re not as good looking as SuJu. Seriously, why does SNSD always get away with everything??! Is it because they’re girls? What makes them so different from everyone else that lets them off the hook so easily? Ugh.

Well anyways, thank you kanahagino for letting me flood your DBSK post with 2PM related issues. You’re awesome.

naninoona - September 12, 2009

aww~~ i wish i could give you a hug through my laptop screen. *huuuuugsss* did you get it? lol^^ i think we all need to chin up now. we need to be strong to support jay. he’ll be back. don’t worry.

you’re right. they can’t even compare jay’s situation to SNSD. i mean, i don’t know much abt them but i do know that they’ve gained a lot of haters and i’ve heard a few things abt them being rude and said a lot of inappropriate things but i never keep up with it. but it seems they keep getting away with every single thing they do by playing up the cute act. ugh. and just because of a few members the rest of them have to share the bad rep. i feel sorry for the other snsd girls.

also, was the kangin thing the one where they were talking abt the hospital? where taeyeon got sick and cussed the nurse who treated her or something? then kangin had to share the blame? ugh. i was so mad at that. i mean, in SUJU, kangin’s like my ultimate no.1 obsession. and when i heard that i just felt so pissed at taeyeon. i mean, why must kangin stand up and apologize alongside her when he didn’t even do or say anything? they really do get away with things.

i find it really infuriating that all this started on 2PM’s 1 year anniversary. i’m so mad! they JUST celebrated their first year and BAM! four days later, he’s gone. do they feel no remorse?

7. kanahagino - September 12, 2009

csaephanh: I said I didn’t care;) Don’t worry, don’t apologize^^ I think we all know each other by now, so no need to be formal, people ^^
naninoona: No, it’s okay!! I can practise my english like that! Knowing new words will help me in school^^ So there’s no need to make it easier:) It’s really helping me^^

SNSD gets away with everything? Surely not, China fans boycotted their concert and what was about the Dream Concert? They almost have as much Antis as Fans, so I wouldn’t say they’re getting away with everything. They have it bad but that’s only my opinion^^
But it’s just that celebrities like Jay have it as bad as them, when they didn’t do something like SNSD.
I posted this news about Dongwan talking about Jaebum: He’s as straight-forward as always – I respect him for always speaking out, even though it can leave a bad impression on others (reporters DID say once, he should just fulfill his military duty and leave news to them and shouldn’t interfer)

@naninoona: Yes, it’s really unfair. To be a star is really hard, you can’t have any privacy, your past will be digged out etc.
You have changed, experiences can change your personality, but for others it will always stick to him. They may always see him as a traitor because he said something like this when he was just a teenager.
Life is unfair -.- This case brings up bad memories *lol*
I will keep track to this news from now on… It’s very interesting.

8. csaephanh - September 13, 2009

@naninoona; Thanks! I got it. I cried a lot as the whole thing broke down but I figured that a lot of people like me are crying a lot too. But it’ll probably just make Jay feel worse right? He wouldn’t want people to suffer because of him, that’s why he felt he needed to leave 2PM. But we’ll all be strong. No matter how long it takes, we’ll wait for Jay. I know he’ll be back. Everyone loves him very much and he knows how to put a smile back on peoples faces. ^^

I didn’t know about the hospital thing but from what I’ve read, Taeyeon had cussed on the radio. She said retard in korean which is a cuss word but Kagin had tried to cover it up for her in saying she had something else. Then like the next day she got like a lot of hate comments but there was also the SNSD fans that blamed Kangin for it. So that was really sad since I love SuJu too.

Yeah, 2PM’s 1yr anniversary is supposed to be happy. But haters/antifans caused lots of people to cry. They probably planned it like that. That’s a really low thing to do. It was a private conversation, celebs have no privacy at all. It’s so sad. I’ll wait for Jay to come back. I know he will because he’s got all the fans supporting him plus the JYP family/staff and his members.

@kanahagino; Haha, okay. Sorry for apologizing so much. xD

Yeah, guess they don’t get away with everything but they still get let off easily. SNSD probably had the most anitfans as any group. I think people don’t really hate on them because they’re in SM and because they’re a girl group and the dongsaengs of SuJu and DBSK and Lee Soo Man’s neice is in SNSD. So I think that’s why some of them aren’t really put to blame for anything.

9. csaephanh - September 13, 2009

@Nocturne Prince; Yeah Wooyoung and Taecyeon will be MCing tonight’s Inkigayo. It’ll probably be difficult for them to smile and crack jokes and be the smiley people they are. It’s gonna be hard for fans to see them trying not to be upset too. I hope they will do well too.

I haven’t watched any recent Star Kings lately but as the scandal really took it’s toll, JYPE decided to cancel all the members schedules. But WooTaec will still MC tonight so I dunno what’s up with that. I hope the boys will be okay though.

It’s hard not to worry about the boys. They must be missing Jay so much right now. They’ll be strong though, for their fans and especially for Jay. He would want them to do well with him in Seattle. He’ll be praying for them. ^^

10. kanahagino - September 13, 2009

A quick question from me: A video is in youtube; HOTTEST protest silently in front of the JYP building.
But what is the use of it exactly? Didn’t Jay decide it on his own? Or did the president of 2PM’s company decide he should take a break?

I’m now a little confused if it was all Jay’s will

11. csaephanh - September 13, 2009

@kanahagino; Yes Jay did decide to leave on his own but he didn’t want to exactly. He felt that he was a burden to his members and to the company. He didn’t want to hold back the success of 2PM, so as a leader he decided to resign. JYPE had stated that they were not taking Jay out of 2PM but like maybe a day or hours later, Jay had written his resignation on the 2PM fancafe. Although he left at his own will, he did not WANT to leave.

kHOTTESTs want Jay and JYPE know that we all want Jay to come back. We want them to know that we will wait for Jay to come back. I don’t exactly support the protest because the other boys need support too. They have been giving up their 2PM CDs but I feel like they need to support the other 2PM members as well. I am proud though that the kHOTTESTs are doing a SILENT protest instead of fighting or anything. kHOTTESTs and international HOTTESTs alike would love for Jay to come back. We all believe that he’s just resting now. We all believe that Jay is the one and only leader for 2PM and that he will come back. Whether it be now or later, I support Jay’s decision. He just needs time to reflect and become a stronger person.

A lot of people are supporting Jay now. Other celebs as well are showing their support for Jay. Because they know that a celebrities past will come up eventually and that they need to be strong. Eunhyuk posted up a cyworld entry and HOTTESTs believe that he is directing it to support Jay. Also FTI’s Jonghun has supported Jay through his cyworld as well. Even SHINee’s Onew said that he believes Jay will come back. Even Boom wrote something on his cyworld about Jay that was really touching. 2PM and Boom have such a good relationship that it’s very sad for Boom. Almost as sad as it is for the 2PM members. A lot of the celbs believe and support Jay. I hope Jay will be able to see it and see how much he means to everyone. He is a great hyung, a great dongsaeng, and a great friend to a lot of people. He is also a GREAT leader. We LOVE & RESPECT Jay. ❤

12. mishmash - September 14, 2009

Even a politician made a public comment regarding Jay’s case.

Sorry, I just got into work and my brain isn’t working very well now. I’ll probably come back and post more.

For the full story and all views on this case, Google is your friend. However, i’ve read articles which weren’t able to tell the full story which resulted in alot of ppl saying that Jae deserved what he got.

I think Jae’s issue forces ppl to see this as a social issue. The whole antifan culture, plus the mob mentality of the general public.

I read an article which actually said it was Jay’s and 2PM’s fans themselves who turned against him and started bashing him. Considering the writer is in Korea, how can he/she completely ignore the anti-fan culture over there?

Even the Japanese netizens have expressed their feelings regarding this case by saying that the korean netizens are scary. The Japanese are ppl who are very proud of their country as well and even THEY say the koreans have blown this matter WAY out of porportion.

It is also kind of sad to me, that even if Jae comes back, things will not be the same. I think it will be difficult for them to go back to the carefree fun guys that we saw on television. But time will heal all wounds.

If anything, this issue gets ppl talking about a very deep social problem inherent in their psyche. (sorry if this sounds a little deep).

There were also comments from the antis that Jae is a ‘Yankie’ – derogatory term for an American and should go back to where he came from. They also said koreans who are born and lived, or just lived overseas are rubbish. Like Korean Americans. They said they are neither korean nor american thus they are rubbish. I think what these antis say is MUCH more insulting than the comments Jae made. Some ppl even went so far as to say they should throw all the foreign entertainers out of korea. This one guy said that there is no such thing as a korean american or korean british or whatever. There’s only Korean living in America, Korean working in America etc.

Total rubbish. Me and my korean friends are appalled to see such xenophobic comments but we have to keep in mind that these comments are made by immature ppl who are unable to comprehend that Korea is just Korea. Korea is not the world and that ppl should just get over themselves.. (This quote was made by a korean supermodel – can’t remember her name though)

13. mishmash - September 14, 2009

By the way, Off topic but look up 2AM’s performance on KJE Chocolate show on Youtube. 😉 SOOoooo Good. and I’m addicted to Baek Ji Young’s Ear Candy featuring Ok Taek Yeon!!!!

Roarr…!~ Kinda difficult watching the boys perform after all this, but its good that they’re still getting themselves out there.

I am not a fanatic of 2PM. But they are talented and down to earth boys and they entertain me. This case just makes me a bigger fan of them (which would’ve happen anyway in time to come).

Someone on Soompi wrote a positive article on Jae’s case and how this situation can be seen in a more positive way. Kinda like ‘when life throws you lemons, you make f**king lemonade out of it’ kind of thing. I’ll share the link here if i find it again.

14. kanahagino - September 14, 2009

mishmash: Hm… I know how you’re feeling, there are always illiberal people in every country (I still remember the advertisement for SVP party: white sheep who are kicking out the black sheep=throwing out foreigner)
But this is really overdoing it. In Wikipedia he’s already in “Former members” But he’s still korean, there are a lot of people who were living in America and I didn’t really heard bad things about them from netizens. Kibum, Tony etc.
Well, Netizens can be very cruel and irrational, so I don’t really bother reading these comments anymore^^”
Japanese netizens are not nearly as bad as koreans. I don’t think ANY netizens are that bad.
@csaephanh: Thanks^^ To be honest: I was quite shocked when I saw wikipedia. How could they immediately put him in “Former members”?
I somehow feel like he won’t be away for that long. In my opinion it’s just… a break? Or it’s just hope^^”
I just CAN’T see Jaebum leaving 2PM forever because of this case. I hope he’ll be strong enough to overcome these bad comments. Fans and also celebrities need him in the entertainment business. As long as he still loves what he is (was? ;_;) doing, why should he listen to what Antifans are saying?

15. mishmash - September 14, 2009

I know. Its kinda like Purebloods VS Mudbloods kind of thing .LOL. Sigh. Some ppl also compared him to Yoo Seung Jun’s case, who got kicked out of the country because he converted to American citizenship and they called him a traitor because he was trying to avoid his military service.
In the first place Jaebum was born in America and its ridiculous that ppl are saying that if he really loves Korea, he would take up korean citizenship and serve his military service.

I can’t imagine 2Pm without Jae either, I keep having the feeling that he just HAS GOT to come back. But then, today I got to thinking. Put aside the whole conspiracy theory for a minute (the one where they say it wasn’t solely Jae’s wish to leave).

I’m disappointed that they’re no longer MCs on Inkigayo, and its just been confirmed that Khun will not be participating in today’s recording of Star King. But understandably they will not be in high spirits thus making it unfair for them to force themselves to be cheerful and happy for the sake of the camera.

Anyone saw what Dong Wan posted on his cyworld?

Honestly though, I think the china netizens can be just as bad. But they've gotten alot better lately. I just saw a new application on facebook with the title 'Antifans'. My god.

16. mishmash - September 14, 2009

Ignore my 3rd paragraph. I lost my train of thought there but forgot to delete it XD

17. mishmash - September 14, 2009

By the way, just thought I’d share this. From their I Hate You performance on 090705

I’m ashamed to say this is one choreography which totally sucked me in. >_<

But dang….I don't care if they're more than 5 years younger than me….Beast idols indeed. Hahha.

18. mishmash - September 14, 2009

While I’m at it, why not

Flo Rida’s Low on KJE Chocolate.

(They did this song in MBC Star Dance Battle)

19. csaephanh - September 14, 2009

About the wikipedia thing, it was actually changed maybe a couple hours after Jay was going to leave Korea. I wanted to see if anything had changed, and to my horrible surprise, someone had already changed it. It was not recent at all. It was probably on the day that he left. It kinda got me there for a moment, it’s not really official that he is leaving. I know Jay will come back. He’ll come back to his loving members and a full support guard of HOTTESTs and fans all around. I believe Jay’s just taking a chill pill right now. I even read he’s been going to church every morning while in Seattle.

Everyone, maybe even Jay, knows that 2PM isn’t 2PM without their leader Park Jaebeom. Yes, I really do hope Jay will be able to come back and be the most successful ever. That’ll show all the netizens and antifans that sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you. I believe in Jay, enough to believe that he will come back. He’s got an army or support behind him. He doesn’t have to do it alone.

It’s sad to see Wooyoung and Taecyeon MCing. Like that have to be all happy and cheerful but you can see it’s very hard for them. I hope later that they’ll get to be MCs again. They both are great at MCing and their witty. I also read about Khun not participating in the SK recording and I completely understand his decision. Like I said before, if it’s this hard for the fans, then it’s 10 times as hard for the 2PM members. I pray that Jay will come back into the arms of his loving brothers. ^^

I read what Dong Wan posted up into cyworld and it goes to show how much Jay means to everyone. Even though they never knew each other well, 2PM and Jay were able to catch peoples attention. Taecyeon had even stated that he wants 2PM to become like Shinhwa. They’re brotherly love is legendary. I believe 2PM will be like that and stay brothers forever. ❤

20. mishmash - September 15, 2009

Rumor has it…JYPE is going to shoot a new MV for their new album next week….with a NEW MEMBER.

Just rumors so far but 2Oneday will be posting about it soon once they have the details I think.


Good news, means 2pm will be continuing their activities = NOT disbanding.
Bad news, they’re replacing Leadja??!!!!

21. csaephanh - September 15, 2009

I REALLY hope there won’t be a new member. That’ll make HOTTESTs angry at the fact that JYPE is just going to replace Jay like that. It’ll also be hard for the new member because he’ll get hated on for replacing Jay. Take FTI Seunghyun, a lot of people hated on him for replacing Wonbin. But Jay is the leader so if someone was to come and replace him them all hell’s going to break lose.

I hope they will just continue with 6 members. It’ll be hard for the 7th member if there is going to be one.

22. naninoona - September 15, 2009

i don’t care if this new member is an ADDITION. but as a REPLACEMENT? just. no. maybe.

i can handle an addition to a group. i’ve gone through this as an ELF with SUJU when kyu was added and i’ve gone through this as a Kamilia with KARA when Gu Hara and Kang JiYoung was added. so an addition of a member is no stress for me. i’m used to it.

but a replacement? i guess it’ll depend. if this new guy is good and he understands his position and knows how his presence affects the issue at hand and the rest of the members accept him, i should see no problem in supporting the guy. especially if he works TOGETHER with the rest of hottest and oneday to bring jay back. then i would think it’d be OK for him to be added in 2PM. he should make a promise to hottest and say that he will work hard to bring jay back and say it out that he’s not a replacement but instead only a temporary member or an addition to the group. i mean, how can you replace someone that never truly left anyways? jay’s only on temporarily leave remember? we CANNOT forget that.

so, all in all, i don’t think we should be so pissed off abt this new guy. i’m sure he knows how the situation is and i’m sure he’s expecting to receive a lot of crap from hottest and public. so let’s just do the opposite of what he expects and at least try and be nice to him while he’s there. it’s not like he up and volunteered to join 2PM. i’m sure JYP and his team had a LONG discussion abt this. besides, JAY WILL COME BACK. we know this, right?

and this is just a rumor anyways. so who knows whether it’s true or not right? if it’s true then lets just try and be nice to him. we hottest have shown maturity abt the situation thus far. lets not tarnish that mature image by acting all stupid and hating on a guy (who did nothing to no one) just because he joined 2PM when it probably wasn’t even his decision. right? besides, any more hate and anger going around is not gonna help cure this problem anyways. so lets just be cool abt this.

23. mishmash - September 15, 2009

I just saw in 2oneday. The silent protest of 1500 fans outside JYPE building was reported in a Singapore chinese newspaper. Too bad I don’t read chinese. Heheheh.

For some reason, it makes me happy to know the news have even been picked up way over here.

24. mishmash - September 16, 2009

Oh man..now Kangin is being charged with alleged assault..

Serioously…what the hell is going on with this year…..not good not goood……


25. mishmash - September 18, 2009

I’m starting to think that there may be something to the whole conspiracy theory.

#1 I disagree with the boycott – mainly because it inadvertantly hurt the boys as well.
#2 JYPE has handled this whole thing in a way which just doesn’t add up.

Something stinks.

Sharing this video. Very good fanmade tribute video.
The person who sang this song is quite talented and the lyrics very apt and fitting.

Believe it or not, this actually made me tear up..

26. naninoona - September 18, 2009

god, i’m so down abt the kangin thing. y’all know how much of a bias i have for him. i mentioned it before. this is so upsetting. he was even dropped from the andre kim fashion show. and i was so excited to see him in good clothes looking all hot and model-like. geez. and he’s looking great too! from the photos where he was at the police station, looked like he was working out. either that or white hoodies just look damn delicious on him. *sigh* but i’m glad he made it to the hong kong SS2 though. still no kibum, but oh well…

anyway, i get the logic behind the boycott thing, but it just feels so wrong to join in. i mean, this is definitely NOT what jay wanted when he left. but i feel like the way JYP’s been handling everything, it seems like he’s just waiting for a time when everything quiets down to take the next step. he’s letting everyone move on from this for awhile so that he can properly decide what to do next. and 2PM pressing forward as a 6-member group without leadja is the first baby step to solving the problem.

i mean, his pressing for 2PM to continue their activities without jay is actually a smart move. i mean, JYP knows the power of a fandom. how long do you think HOTTEST can hold on to their word abt the boycott? if say 2PM were to release an album now, wouldn’t you wanna buy it? even if jay wasn’t in it, woo, taec, chan, khun and the junbros are still there trying to fight without their leadja. don’t you love them too? would you leave them flailing without support from their own fanclub especially without the guidance of a leadja? i wouldn’t. so i’d buy the album. if the boys were to perform on mubank, mucore or inki or wherever, wouldn’t you wanna be there to cheer them on? they’re up there on stage still fighting for their dreams and along with jay’s dreams (until he returns) wouldn’t you wanna fight with them too? i know i would. so i’d attend their performances and scream for them, lend them my strength and then, poof! boycott gone.

JYP’s smart and so far, i’m waiting for what he’s gonna do next. boycotting is definitely not the way to go no matter what kHOTTEST’s reasonings are. i bet jay just wants to wait for things to slow down before he comes back too. i mean, rather than boycotting and HOTTEST not supporting the other 6 brothers, wouldn’t jay be more likely to come back if he sees that HOTTEST are supporting the rest of the team? that way he can see that the love is still there. when 2pm are performing, we can always bring banners that show support for 2pm as well as jay. like huge banners that say “jay come back” and stuff like that WHILE the 6 2PM bros are performing. wouldn’t that be more effective? i dunno… i just sometimes think that HOTTEST are not thinking it through when they decided on the boycott. *sigh*

27. mishmash - September 18, 2009

I commented in 20neday, that actually, the bigger this thing goes, the more burdensome it will be on Jae. That’s just what I Think though if we put ourselves in his shoes.

It kinda irritates me when i see ppl wailing and crying about why jae isn’ coming back blablabla. conspiracy or not, all this support is starting to feel a little burdensome and does not actually make things easier for jae to come back.

i do hope kangin’s issue gets resolved though. and he wasn’t even drunk at the time so that should be in his favor. I don’ understand thogh why it would be such a big deal if it did turn out that he was actively involved in the fight. what if he was hit first and retaliated in response?

sigh. I dont get any of this. kpop doesn’t need another casualty.

i’ve been going thru my old kpop collections. i just realized my vcd of one of hot’s concert is missing. T_T. Even though the sound on that vcd is horrible, but still …. man..just gets me down knowing that i lost it. I have a feeling its not original though because i bought it from one of those market vendors. it looks legit but in malaysia, meh, who knows.

by the way, does anyone know of any active forums for h.o.t and g.o.d? or if there are any fansubbers dealing with these groups?
I know yonnie yonnie on youtube subbed the come to play special with the old idol groups. (which was awesome by the way)


Nocturne Prince - September 19, 2009

I don’t know about GOD but H.O.T –> Dedicated To H.O.T International Forum


28. shining_ice89 - September 28, 2009

can i drop my views? I personally (or from a viewer’s point) don’t know 2pm. in fact i watched 2am more (around 2 times?) but still, i think things were made WAY TOO BIG by ppl.

trainees’ time were one of the worst period. imagine all those hard trainings with the fact that korea’s so far from his home. he’s jz grumbling like normal teens. i think ppl sud be more understanding at times. artists are not supermen/superwomen.

i saw tat former member thingy in wiki and tot tat i left korean entertainment news too long. XD

replacement’s quite impossible. there’s no one who can replace another. just say it’s a new member. if they mz choose a new leader, choose from the original members. i cn imagine hw hard the new member’s life will be. kyuhyun’s d best example. i’m glad things work out for him now.

ps: mishmash, i read sumwhr tat GOD went on “intimate note” recently. d interaction between HOT and GOD members were nice, sth like Shinhwa vs HOT.

mishmash - September 29, 2009

I know. but I don’t think that episode is subbed yet. I watched Sang Sang Plus with 2PM and GOD. Great episode and very funny.
Also GOD had a special on Come To Play. Am waiting to see if anyone subs Come To Play and Intimate note, but nothing yet so far 😦

29. csaephanh - September 28, 2009

There’s not much else anyone can do right now. All of the 2PM members want Jay back but they can’t really force him to come back. Jay is loved by everyone. Fans and fellow Korean celebrities alike. They all want him back, but it’s a really hard time for Jay so all we can do is wait and show Jay that we still love him and want him back.

30. naninoona - September 28, 2009

i’ve been mulling it over. a long time has passed since it all happened and this is what i’m thinking.

i think, the main reason that jay still hasn’t made his decision on whether he’ll be coming back or not is because of embarrassment. y’know? i mean, i’m pretty sure that by now, jay realizes that everyone wants him back. i heard boom has been in contact with him. so, i’m sure he’s well aware of what the ppl think now. he also probably knows there’s more fans than there is haters. but i think what’s stopping him from coming back now is the fact that he’s embarrassed.

you know the feeling, how when you’ve done something wrong and it’s very humiliating that even after ppl forgive you, you still feel somewhat hesitant because you still feel embarrassed and scared to face everyone. i think that is what jay must be feeling now. maybe he’s trying to take his time to gather his courage and wits to not feel ashamed of what he has done. everyone feels this way, and i’m sure jay feels this much more than ordinary because his issue was spread throughout the whole nation. everyone knew abt this, so he must be feeling so utterly embarrassed that it’s hard for him to return.

anyway, this is only my opinion. but even if i’m not absolutely right on guessing this, he must feel a little bit embarrassed. even though what he did was not wrong and he was a victim in the whole issue, i think feeling ashamed couldn’t be avoided. i mean, his personal thoughts was revealed. even though whatever he said wasn’t wrong, it must’ve been pretty humiliating. it’s like your private diary being printed into the newspapers! i feel so sad for jay.

i’ll be waiting for him to come back. hopefully, soon.

31. csaephanh - September 28, 2009

@naninoona; Yeah I heard that Boom’s been contacting him. I agree with you too. Jay probably knows that everyone wants him back. The 1200 fan letters he got from kHOTTESTs and he’s probably been keeping up with Korean news. So he knows that there are a lot people that want him back. He’s scared and embarrassed to come back to the Korean media. I mean you could probably already know people will bring that up sooner or later. I can’t understand why they can’t just let it go. Like if you watch a Korean show or something, they’re always bringing something back up from the past.

I believe that Jay’s torn in decision. He either will come back or decide not to. Whether he does come back or not, I’ll always be Jay’s and 2PM’s fan. Although I do hope he comes back.

32. kanahagino - September 29, 2009

I also think Jay just needs to think this through… Maybe he will be back soon^^
I think it would be really strange, if he just disappears after such a case. Compared to others, this is really…. too easy XD People will forget.

somehow the whole “celebrities support Jaebum” reminds me of the “Polanski” case, in which celebrities wants him to be free again^^” I don’t know if you heard of this: 32 years before, he raped a 13-years old girl and admitted it, but they let him free, thinking he wouldn’t try to escape since he’s a celebrity but he was caught by suisse police because USA obtained an international arrest warrant. And now Switzerland is getting bashed, because they dared to arrest him, although it was their duty.
I know Jaebum’s case is not like this, but all celebrities support him, even though reporters and some people think he did something wrong. So we need to think about it: Was he really wrong doing something like this?
People always think everything’s right what’s written on the newspaper. >_<

I need a new topic ^^" I didn't read much Kpop news nowadays (I'm more into Jpop and Animes now: Ayaka Hirahara, Ayumi Hamasaki and On/Off)
Do you have any ideas? I'm on vacation this week. Sorry for the long wait: I had to do a lot of tests (until now the grades are good, I guess) and I still have 2 tests to write (english and french)

33. naninoona - September 29, 2009

you want a topic? here’s a good one. G-DRAGON. his name alone sprouts off hundreds of topics for ppl to discuss on from his talents, to looks, to personality, to his music and all his recent scandals on plagiarism and whatnot. lol^^ it should keep us going for quite a while.

34. shining_ice89 - October 1, 2009

F.T. Island? I started to like their “Lovesick”. Hongki who looks like Kangin had been on various programmes and I would very much want to know how others thought of them. They are all SOOOOOOOO young.. (to me, anyone born in the 90s are called young XD)

naninoona - October 1, 2009

oooh yeah. i love ft island! minhwan is my fave^^ can’t believe i’m older than him. gosh.

shining_ice89 - October 2, 2009

hongki caught my attention with his orange hair. bt then i still din bother to dl their songs. sumhw i came across their song one day i found it nice. i like seeing him dressed as a girl~ haha.. all members of F.T Island are younger than me =.=ll

35. kanahagino - October 2, 2009

I’d like to do F.T Island first^^ I don’t know G-Dragon well. I first listened to F.T Island’s album, watched a few clips and read fanfics (one left a really good impression on me^^ It’s hard to find well-written fanfics nowadays)
So please be a little more patient. I’m really sorry for not writing anything. It’s been too long^^”

naninoona - October 2, 2009

that’s fine. FT Island is good too. i myself don’t know much of them except for their names. hehe^^ do a real article this time, yea? this article on 2PM isn’t even an article really. not that i have a problem with it. just want something good to read. i love your articles.

36. kanahagino - October 2, 2009

@naninoona: Yes, I know, I was in a hurry^^”
I’ll do a real article^^
I’m in school right now XD The teacher is so nice to let us use the internet *lol*
PS: I need to boast right now: I got a 6 in the english test!! (6= best mark in Switzerland) I’m so happy XD English is the only subject I’m confident^^”

naninoona - October 2, 2009

wow! that’s awesome!! congrats^^ i’ll be waiting for that article.

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