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Lyrics September 3, 2009

Posted by kanahagino in H.O.T.

This post is about censored lyrics.
I, personally, heard censored lyrics from H.O.T and JTL songs XD
JTL’s “Enter the dragon” for example: “Hit me more, hit me harder!” from Jang Woo hyuk

Iyah: Woohyuk: “Show shock turn you neighborhood block,
into a battle field”
Jaewon & Tony: “I might snipe ya.”
Heejun: “What ya boys need I got about the “P” down,
Straight about the “P” down make everybody get down say you around prays ways in days days,
ain’t that failt in them all with embrace hates.” All the P’s were censored XDD I don’t get this part of the lyrics anyway, anyone here to help me out?^^”

Git it up: “Give me take knee down just a give me look around so I can cut your T dripping all the P there’s no guarantee” The T and P were censored XD Anyone get this part…? Because I don’t^^”

But since H.O.T fans are singing even louder at the censored parts, it was no use XD They couldn’t bleep out the parts XD H.O.T fans are truly united, tricking the TV stations *lol*
Do you know any songs which were censored?
If yes, please tell me, I think some people would be curious about it (like me)^^
Thank you^-^



1. Nocturne Prince - September 6, 2009

Hahaha~~ I don’t know about that too and I’ve been figuring out what that means~ severals words came into my mind but I think it’s really inappropiate~ xDD

And yes! I love it to death when the fans sang the songs even though those were censored. OMG I LOVE IT~!!!!

Speaking about fans who sing along with their idol… why it’s really rare now? I mean, watch H.O.T’s performances, many songs from H.O.T even though not a single but they could sing it together~ It just gives me one proof that their fans which means us, love not just their appearance but truly love their music.

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