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Shinhwa August 30, 2009

Posted by kanahagino in Shinhwa.
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I’m sorry, I didn’t post anything in a while. I think you need to wait for other posts too.^^” I promise you: I’m reading all your comment and I will comment you back as soon as I can.
I’m not feeling well at the moment (physically and emotionally) and I need to recover a bit^^” And I don’t know if I should go to the doctor, because the pain gets a bit worse… Or if I should tell it my mother^^”
PS: My english teacher said, I can get my english certificate one year earlier than the rest of the class, because it’s good enough*__*

Now to Shinhwa (2am and 2pm will come later, because I need to get more informations)

My blog needs a post about Shinhwa:
I desperately wanted to post something about them, since Lee Minwoo (31) did his last concert recently. He’s going to fulfill his military duty now.

Minwoo fighting!!

A band, who I personally, can’t say anything negative about.
To be honest: I usually don’t listen to this kind of music (at least international)
They’re having as much success as “Idol group” DBSK and total deserved.
They’re talented, funny, entertaining and serious in the right time.
But even Shinhwa can’t escape negative reports and scandals.
Dongwan is one who has had many scandals, because of his straight-forwardness. XD
I remember how a fan said once, that Dongwan was the only friendly and polite one out of Shinhwa. But since I never met them… ^^” I wouldn’t know.
Dongwan said he’s only always smiling to be polite.

Funny facts

-All six members watches porn together…? O_o
-they bathed together (at least when they were in the dorm, but Hyesung apparently hates it XD)
-Most members love skinship (but Hyesung doesn’t like it with Eric XD)
-Love to make fun of Eric’s CFs 🙂
-They love to play games (like hanging from the ceiling or games from TV shows^^)

I thought it was very funny, how there was an article about how crazy Eric is. WTH? The reporter really quoted some of the strange things Eric has said and done *lol*
Well, I guess his personality is worth some articles.
I can’t help but laugh at some posts (like once in allkpop) which are saying their friendship is fake. True friendship CAN exist. Even though some maybe didn’t experience it, like me.

Shinhwa was the first celebrity I’ve ever cried, watching a video.
When they started to cry, I started as well, for some reason.
Same with JTL on Guerilla concert. Sounds stupid, huh? XD
Fans are still concerned when they’re smoking. I heard (and saw) everyone smokes, except Dongwan (and Andy…?)
My favorite songs:
Yo!, All your dreams, Eusha Eusha, Brand New, Shooting star, Chaos.
The rap part in “Chaos” is awesome *-*
And yours…?^^ I’m curious

I hope everyone from Shinhwa will come back safely! Shinhwa fighting! Shinhwa Changjo fighting!



1. Nocturne Prince - September 1, 2009

Yeah, MinWoo will be in the army soon~ he’ll be with other 2(?) members!

Not stupid, jtL Guerilla Concert is so sad. Looked how WooHyuk cried, he was the most manly guy in H.O.T, but he was trembling and crying like that. I myself trembled when I saw how the fans said I LOVE YOU and make their name with the fire(???-I can’t remember the English -_-) J T L. That was awesome.

Shinhwa, I like the songs; Chance, Once In A Lifetime, Midnight Girl, First Love(it’s really old school), TOP, Uh, I can’t really remember the names… Sorry… -_-

Anyway, if your pain is getting worse you’d better seen the doctor~ Get Well Soon~! ^^

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