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Corruption and Odds of the Music Ent. July 28, 2009

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Why do I always change my mind about a layout…? I want to put one which isn’t in wordpress T_T WordPress is complicated… I managed to do layouts on my homepages all by myself when I was 13 and now… XDD

Whatever now to the important stuff! I want to give some informations about the music entertainment in Korea^o^ If you have questions or ideas or whatever; I’m open minded 🙂

A huge scandal was 2007 for example. It was rumored that there was something very odd at the MKMF award at MNET. Some Shinhwa members were at very top of the polls, which FANS decide who wins. Lee Minwoo from Shinhwa, cancelled his performance with Park Jun Young. Lee Min woo was the NR 1 spot for the “best dancer” category. Shin Hye sung was nominated as the “male artist award” & “best ballad award” too, but at the last moment, MKMF apparently phoned them, saying they will be NOT awarded. The reason why both of them cancelled everything, because: Their fans voted for them, they will be not awarded and their hard work is not paid off, because of Mnet’s strange reasons?

This is not the first time being suspicious over MKMF’s voting fairness.

Just like everyyear the awards will go to the big company’s artist, and after they were being awarded there were rumours running about nonstop, last year Son Ho Young (from G.O.D) too suddenly announce of his cancellation too.

Lee MinWoo management company express “Due to there’s is no sincerity and fairness in the awards, so he canceled it. LeeMinWoo receive news that he would not be awarded before the ceremony. Questioning towards the appraisal standards, but they had given us an unacceptable answer as reply, so had decided not to attend the ceremony.”

Credits for these sentences shinhwa.biz/forums

Shin Hye sung, Shinhwa, said he never planned on appearing on this show, he didn’t cancel it, he said it beforehand that he will NOT attend.

Shinhwa members actually won the “Overseas Viewer Award” but no member of Shinhwa was present. The company the Shinhwa members are under, said that there were unacceptable reasons and they cancelled it, because there were fairness problems with MKMF awards. They said Lee Minwoo will NOT fight for an award, why should he? He is a true artist, because he enjoys music.
Their company stated that although awards are not important, they won’t just stay still with such unfairness from the award shows. There were no explanations, until the last moment, when Lee Minwoo rehearsed hard for this show.
Both artists questioned the fairness of this show. Because “The Auction Netizen Popularity Award”, which is based on 100% of online voting, was awarded to Super Junior instead of Shin Hyesung who ranked #1 in the poll. When the poll closed at 5pm on 16 Nov, Shin Hyesung was leading at #1.

No, I don’t want to insult Suju Fans, absolutely not! They can’t do anything about it, but the PDs etc. of the show are at fault.

Lee Minwoo was ranked #1, Super Junior at #2, Ivy at #3 and CSJH The Grace at #4.But CSJH The Grace won this award, when Lee Minwoo was still at NR 1.
Representative Jang said, “Today we received the details of the winners, and we asked for the reason why he didn’t appear on the list of winners even though he ranked #1 on all the objective criteria. We were told that this was a management decision.”

For people who think it’s all jealousy, because they didn’t win: “We are worried that everyone will misunderstand that we are only questioning the standards because we didn’t win the awards.A certain media report has pointed out that, for the Netizen Popularity Awards which is purely decided by the online votes, the final results showed that Shin Hyesung won the online poll with 28.1% of the votes, but he was not given the award. In addition, what happened to the Auction Style Award that Lee Minwoo was very likely to win? As everyone knows, that award was not given out at all. Could it be that the organizers cancelled the award on the day itself? If so, how are you going to account to all the netizens who voted in this poll?”

MKMF’s response to this is surprising: “With regards to this, MKMF organizers said that the the judging criteria is as follows: public voting (20%), professional panel of judges (20%), professional research institutes (20%), album sales (10%), integrated digital chart (20%), and a panel made up of MNet and KM producers (10%). From here, we can see that the objective criteria would be album sales and public voting. We are confident to say that Shin Hyesung definitely does not lag behind the other winnders on the integrated digital chart, thus we find it very difficult to agree with MKMF’s judging criteria. We believe that MKMF organizers need to disclose the relevant data on this.”

“Perhaps, Mnet.com has calculated the figures based on their own guidelines, if so, isn’t that the cause of all the doubts surrounding the fairness of the system?” said the Company of Shinhwa members. “Lastly, some news reports have reported “sudden cancellations just before MKMF awards ceremony”,we have to let everyone know that this is absolutely untrue.

Initially, though we were nominated for five awards including Best Male Singer and Best Ballad, MKMF organizers did not send out official invitations to us,

thus we couldn’t announce any notice of participation in the MKMF awards ceremony. The reports, which said that Shin Hyesung wanted to sabotage the event by

only announcing his non-participation one hour before the event, are totally untrue. This we need to let everyone know.”

In other words, the company of these singers, want Mnet to disclose their votes, because these two won the polls and sales and integrated digital chart.

That’s 50 %. So who did these “professionals” vote for? They apparently had many secrets and won’t let anyone know who they voted for? That’s very interesting. It makes it only more suspicious.
MKMF stated: “To truly become a celebration for all musicians, all winners and non-winners alike should attend the event, isn’t it?”
… The singer never got an invitation.
So the company of Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo and Kim Dongwan said: “If this is really a “celebration for musicians”, surely all artistes who have released albums and carried out promotional activities should be invited then? And the event would be a lively occasion where everyone is happy since all the artistes are present, shouldn’t it be that way?

However, in this case, for nominees who didn’t have to perform and didn’t win, who actually went? Did the other nominees get official invitations? We feel that this is a case where the nominees who weren’t performing and who didn’t win were not invited.”

Credits: shinhwa.biz/forums

This subject may not have anything to do with corruption but I bet you’ve all heard how artist from SM Ent., supposedly, were mistreated by manager? Some Shinhwa member already said something about it, as well as H.O.T members (I actually know it only from Moon Heejun and Tony an/An Seung Ho).
Not that they hit them/beat them up or something like that. Although such rumors also exists. But still; They said that they were treated inhuman. Yes, in interviews!
Moon Heejun stated in a show, that when the time for the contract of H.O.T was up, they were informed that they were never supposed to renew the contract.

Soo man said he never knew that they would be so popular. He wanted to just replace three of the members with new members and continue. But since H.O.T members didn’t want this and every member was scared that they must leave this group, they decided to break up as a whole. No replacement.
Tony an/An Seung Ho said in a interview: “You know those ‘doolee’ and ‘chun hah jang sah’ named 100won sausages (they’re really tiny stick of sausages in Korea)? That’s what we were before debut. After dancing, when it was time to eat, the 5 of us (H.O.T members) all dug out and combined our money. It was around 2000won. (around/slightly less than 2 dollars) With that, we bought 2 sausages for each of us, and with the left over we bought a bowl of Mandoo Gook (dumpling soup). With that, the 5 members ate one meal…while dancing for 8 hours.”

“I really, honestly, thought that ALL new singers suffered like we did. I thought everyone ate only sausages. However, it was fun, and I liked the exisistance of H.O.T. It’s not that I want to remember the extravagant reputation, but I want to remember the friendship.”

I quote Tony from this interview: “I didn’t fall down. I don’t think that any member crashed down after H.O.T. members’ popularity decreased.”

Credits from the quotes in the interview:  ELISA @ DEDICATED TO H.O.T.

Tony is a really hardworking person. Like Kim Jang Hoon (you probably heard of this) he fainted during a perf. But there wasn’t a video or pictures of it, like with Jang Hoon-shii.

I don’t even know why all reporters etc. are somewhat on a “KILL H.O.T!!” trip. It was like that back then, when they were still a group but even now? O_o
When Jang Woohyuk, Ex-H.O.T member, had a jaw dislocation and needed an operation and needed to go back to Seoul from military for the time being, everyone said he was avoiding military when he was really sick O_o Thousand of articles and all said he made that up (Yeah of course, he had problems with his jaw before…)

Or Moon Heejun with his many Antifans. He has hepatitis, and like actually many korean celebrities, thought of suicide, had many wrong reports about what he said so that his reputation was very bad, and everyone didn’t like his music, because he did rock (which is not really popular in Korea) BUT he managed to get the Antifans to believe him! He talked to them, explained what really happened. So the number of Antifans decreased.
Or the case with Jaewon? I don’t want to write about this case here, because I was honestly shocked and don’t really know anymore what to believe in this case (kill me H.O.T fans >_< I was honestly confused…) People who are curious, don’t ask, just search in the internet. I don’t think a korean artist was ever accused of something that bad O_O
Another strange thing is: While we see parents of other singers or know at least a bit about their past: H.O.T was always a bit secretive (SM Ent. wanted them to appear like that) H.O.T members don’t really want to talk about their past, so I personally think that it must have been pretty bad (because some of them said it was very hard, but nothing more…)

I forgot her name, I will search it after that. Just recently there was a case of a female actress, who commited suicide (yes, korean celebrities are indeed killing themselves o_o I think these news were even in the USA…?) Whatever, in her diary, she wrote about the abuse she went through. PDs, manager etc. were taking advantage of her and raped and abused her. She couldn’t endure the abuse anymore and killed herself… And she isn’t the only case!! There were a few reports of abuse. PDs, managers who are raping, hitting artists. It’s a really sad thing…… I knew a few celebrities who commited suicide, died of an accident and it’s always so damn tragic… T_T

by the way; Do you fans of Korean music know how the ballon thing in the fanclubs started? And with which artist it started?? I’m really curious about what you guys say^^
I’ll post the solution later. ^^

Most important for all international people: Don’t believe everything what’s written in a newspaper. Korean reporter are almost as bad as reporters from Hong Kong (And yes, it’s known that they can be pretty cruel to artists, especially overseas, I’ve seen articles from it and I was shocked o_o)
Don’t think I’m racialistic ^^” But I’ve read articles from different countries and there were some pretty intense stuff in chinese newspaper…^^”

God, I’m so stupid, I forgot the word for “number” at first… >////< And people say I’m good at english? *lol* Pretty bad blackout LMAO

Thank you whoever comments to this^-^


DBSK July 24, 2009

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Since many people already asked me why I dislike DBSK that much I decided to make an extra post. I didn’t want to do a “hate post” Please read it until the end. Because the most important stuff is in the end.


By the way I decided to edit this post: I was a teenager when I posted this and was way too harsh with my words. I do think that DBSK can sing very well. But they’re just overrated. And I can’t even watch any videos with them anymore for more than 2 minutes because I somehow get sick thinking about all the things their fans did.

I do this to inform some people. I won’t post rumors, it’s all true. But there are my own opinions too.

I don’t even know where to start… Let’s start with the



First of all: It’s only a rumor that Cassiopeia has 800’00 fan club member. Who actually made this rumor? They didn’t even sell 500’000 albums and they have almost a million fans only? Yes, right! Noone ever saw this record in the Guinness World Records, because people said they made it. Yes, it’s only a rumor. They  never had 800’000 fan club members.

That’s the reason why, without a proof, I will never believe any “news” about KPOP artists. There were so many made-up posts (mostly hate-posts or posts to make your artist look pitiable) that I just can’t believe anything without proof anymore.

DBSK Fans are the most crazy, delusional fans I’ve ever seen. Like I already posted in the FAQs, I’ll post something a DBSK Fan directed at me, when I said that I don’t really like DBSK, they made some mistakes in their behaviour. While ONE Fan asked me calmly why, another fan posted this:

>>>Fake. I think it’s impossible to come fom loving a band, which means seing how hardworking they are and how lovely their personality is from hating dbsk. Major mistakes? Like being rude to anyone? Like having no talent at all? Even if you just came into kpop fandom you can’t even begin to compare them. I mean…Gee???? They barely sing 5 seconds each! O wether you are just a dong bang hater from the beginning or you are just an other delusional fan who though the boys would marry her and felt backstabbed when you saw them talk/interact/dance with girls.<<<

I had been a Kpop fan for a few years, and I knew a lot about them/it. Like I posted in FAQ: They don’t sing 5 seconds each, they’re not Super Junior!

I’m not a fan who is jealous of them. I didn’t start disliking them because they interacted with some girls (Because I don’t care, I would’ve been happy if a favorite artist has a girl he likes)

I won’t say names of artist here, because otherwise they will get bashed:

1. DBSK Fans reserved many thousand tickets for a concert (for a famous artist), didn’t pay up and didn’t show up after that. The  seats were unavailable for the TRUE fans. The artist lost a lot of money and they practically ruined his concert.

They said they trained for a DBSK concert……

2. I bet you all heard of this case: A singer of the group I the Tri Top’s Jang Yoojoon was threatened by DBSK Fans who told him to die. Why does he look like Jaejoong? Why did he have surgery just to look like him? He shouldn’t hold the mic like Jaejoong or they’ll kill him. Why does he want to be like him so desperate etc.

And NOW someone tell me that THIS isn’t crazy. I know exactly how scary this thing can be. I can understand him to be scared. Sorry to say this but all Cassiopeias should be ashamed in this case to be a part of such a fan club -.- And some already wrote something like that, that theyare ashamed.

Cassiopeias after that said “He should be lucky. He is now famous thanks to us!”

Anti-fans or just people like me who dislikes them

I’m registered in some forums who are supporting many KPOP bands but not really DBSK. Why? Because we all think that DBSK is way too overrated. I totally agree. It’s like with Bi/Rain. Suddenly so famous in a second doesn’t do you any good. There are more than enough “general” forums, who are DBSK crazy. So I was happy to register to some forums who aren’t

I came across a thread in one forum which said that DBSK may be talented, that they CAN sing and can perform, but so do other bands and singers. So why is DBSK so famous and popular, when others all fail, although they ARE talented?

I’ll quote wikipedia: If you are a part of SM Ent. your success is assured. Also a reason Why I dislike DBSK is that they may be talented, but they’re boring as hell. When I saw them with Super Junior in EHB, I started to like Suju more. I never watched other artists, and when I started to like others, I realized that DBSK is one of the most boring people I’ve ever seen.

SS501 for example is really quiet during recording with others. But hey, at least they’re entertaining when alone together. But DBSK is not even entertaining when they’re just 5.

Is SM Ent. holding them back? Other artists broke through and did what they wanted. DBSK are like dolls >_< Only doing what is in the script. Boring~

I just wanted to say: I know what’s going on in the fan club of theirs (Korea) They’re battling out who loves them more!

“I love him!” “No I love him more!” “You bitch” etc. And yes, it’s true.

I watched a video from a favorite artist of mine, whose antis are ALL DBSK Fans, and I was shocked. ALL comments which were complimenting this artist were thumbed down. Not only in one video but all videos of this artist. Who did this? Of couse immature DBSK Fans. You’re protecting your artist. We are doing the same. BUT this favorite artist of mine actually told us fans not to fight against you, when DBSK Fans ruined his concert. But don’t think we can’t fight back just because he told us not to. Like a fan once wrote: Don’t think you can do whatever you want to.

I’m a fan of some bands and registered in the forums. And you can jokingly say that he’s strange or that the music is not good or whatever you want to. You will not get bashed, believe it or not. Say it in a DBSK forum or soompi and you will get killed. One post which is like, I don’t know, “The photo of xx doesn’t look good” and you’re dead!

And I’ve seen a poll on the best dancers in SM Ent. and I totally DON’T agree with Yunho as the best dancer. It depends on your taste, I know but he doesn’t have technique like Stephanie or Eunhyuk have. Eunhyuk is a dancer who can perform some tricks. What can Yunho do? Powerful dancing which is not bad either but not as good, if you ask me.

I can tell you: Almost all DBSK Antis started hating them because of their fans! I had a hard time finding a fan who is sane or in the right mind. At this point I want to thank you for the comments of my videos. Thank you for calmly asking me why I dislike DBSK. I didn’t have a conversation this sane with a DBSK Fan. Thank you! And I hope, whoever this reads, is still liking them. I did this for the people who asked me. By all means; still like them. They can sing and I don’t want anyone to hate them just because of a post. But if you’re agreeing with me or if you find something wrong with the post, comment to this.

NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT: We people who dislike DBSK (all/almost all because of their fans) have a good reason for disliking them too: I personally because, and now that’s the main point, after all their fans did, after all they did and it appeared in the newspaper, they didn’t say ANYTHING about it. Did a member say anything about the case of Jang Yoojoon? Or about the members who beat up yet again a fan of another fan club? No? Why, when they were on the newspaper? Why didn’t they say anything to their fan club, like Suju did many times? Like Sungmin for example with SNSD? Why are they only saying how thankful they are, how much they love them, and don’t they anything about their behaviour? Another fan said that they did…. ONCE.

Suju did it many times. I know that they wouldn’t listen to them, but does it hurt to try? If they just would say something, I might like them again. But I think, for us, who don’t like them, it’s already too late now.

I remember another band I’m a fan of and what they’ve said to their fans when they did something bad: “We don’t care if you hate us now. We know that what we do and say to you is right.” And their fan club is the most disciplined fan club in Korea. Because the members told them not to do this or that.

Keep it in mind: FANS REPRESENTS THE BAND! Do something stupid and it will affect the artist too in some way.

Thank you for reading this! Pardon, English is my fourth language! Comments are welcome as long as  you don’t insult me personally.

Shinhwa’s Minwoo & Amy July 19, 2009

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Yes I wanted to post something about this too!

This case is still not closed.

Recently, Amy couldn’t keep her mouth shut yet again about Minwoo. For all Kpop fans: Reporters are often writing false things about singers/artists and are quoting things more rude than what they’ve said. So beware!!

“I’m the type of person that likes to share everything and give everything I can, but he (Min-woo) wasn’t. Later on, he started to say things that weren’t true, seeing him make excuses so often made me decide to end our relationship.”

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa + Shinhwa.biz

Dongwan from Shinhwa though, decided enough was enough and told her to leave Minwoo out of her interviews. She, as the little kid she is, wrote that the reporter quoted her totally wrongly and that she never said such things. The reporter though, said that she lied. She even said that he was a horrible boyfriend etc.

Who to believe? I personally respect Dongwan very much for this. To protect his friend Minwoo from all these things, when he can’t say anything about this (he’s promoting his album and if he’d say something it would affect it)

Dongwan, what you’ve done is admirable and great. I wish all friends would be like you! So… The question is still; Is Amy really lying or is she right about the reporter?

First Post, First Blog! July 19, 2009

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Well, first of all: Read the FAQ!! It’s very important:)

I wanted to start a blog to give infos to K POP fans about their favorite artist^^

AND to let my anger out ^^ So: This blog is especially NOT FOR DBSK Fans. Anti DBSKs are always welcome. If you’re a DBSK Fan and you think there’s a need to protect your beloved singers, GO AND DIE! I have no intention to try to explain my reasons for hating them to DBSK fans. I did it more than enough, they understood it, and I’m tired of it. So don’t dare to comment to any of these posts, DBSK Fans, or I swear you will regret it XD

I warned you 😉